New UAE five years green visa: Everything you need to know

The changes for UAE green visa will be introduced on Monday 3 October.

Starting on Monday 3 October, expats coming to the UAE will be able to sponsor themselves for a residence visa.

The UAE green visa will enable you to gain a five-year residence visa without the need for a company sponsorship and will allow the holder to offer an array of benefits to family members.

Those eligible for the green visa will include freelancers and self-employed persons that have a degree and earn at least AED 360,000 per year; skilled employees who have a valid employment contract with a salary of AED 15,000 per month; or investors.

The changes announced back in April by the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs and Ports Security will be run as a pilot phase from this week before being officially launched in October.

Other new visa processes to be implemented in October will include the extension of tourist visas from 30 to 60 days, the introduction of a new five-year, multi-entry tourist visa and the expansion of the golden visa.

Other new changes to be implemented will include a one-year remote working visa, a five-year retirement visa and two-year real estate owner visa.

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