UAE tourist visa: 60-day visit visas come into effect in September

You will also have the option to extend for a further 60 days.

It’s great news for those of us who have family members coming to the UAE as they will be able to get a visit visa of 60 days in September.

Yes, holidaymakers and those looking to relocate to the UAE will now have double the amount of time to enjoy the wonders of the country.

Currently, many nationalities can only receive a 30-day visa on arrival where they will have a nine-day grace period to renew their visa for a further 30 days or else face being slapped with a AED 100 fine a day.

As part of a major reform of the visa announced by UAE authorities back in April, those entering the UAE from September will be able to extend their visa for a further 60 days, offering you a potential 120 days in the UAE.

But the new 60-day visit visa is not the only tourist visa that will become available next month.

A new five-year, multi-entry tourist visa which allows visitors to stay up to 90 continuous days in the UAE without a sponsor will also come into effect.

However, information on how to obtain the five-year tourist visa has yet to be revealed.

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