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Yalla is the know-it-all guide for families in Abu Dhabi, providing useful information for daily living as well as suggestions of what to do in our great emirate. Whether you want to find out about the latest family events using our handy Events Diary, or research the best gymnastic classes in Abu Dhabi using our complete A-Z guide, we’re your go-to resource for everything in the capital.

As well as being online, Yalla is in print too. The publication is distributed for free, three times a year with a circulation of approximately 80,000 per year via schools, nurseries, and major residential areas, as well as through embassies, corporates, and relocation agencies.

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Jane Barraclough, founder of Phoenix Media & Publications, established Yalla in 2015. Before arriving in Abu Dhabi from Bahrain, Jane saw the opportunity for a directory, listing everyone from medical companies to sports lessons, support groups to family cafes. With her team, they have together embraced all that is great for families in Abu Dhabi making Yalla the go to place for events, information and happenings!

You can contact us at if you have any news and views that you would like to share with us.

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