A wild card chance to enter the World Padel Tour


The UAE Wild Card Championship will allow wild card entries to compete in the pre-qualification round of the much-anticipated World Padel Tour.

Racquets at the ready, it’s padel time!

In January and February this year, the UAE Padel Association will be launching the first-ever national qualifying padel tournament across several emirates.

Entitled the UAE Wild Card Championship, the event will serve as a build-up for the World Padel Tour. With over 200 advanced padel teams from the UAE and the GCC expected, the championship will feature six padel tournaments.

Finalists from each tournament will earn ‘wild card’ entries to compete in the pre-qualification round of the World Padel Tour’s “Modon Abu Dhabi Padel Master”.

With padel fast gaining favour among residents in the UAE, especially the youth, opportunities will only further the goals of the UAE Padel Association to further develop the sport and its players. And of course, establish the country as an international padel spot to watch out for.

It is worth noting that the UAE Padel Association is currently finalizing discussions with Emirates Post Group to sponsor the national padel tournaments towards the World Padel Tour – Abu Dhabi Padel Master 2023, and details of this sponsorship are expected to be announced later this week.



27 January – 12 February



Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah


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