3 ways to bridge the learning gap over the summer holidays

CARFAX Education offers advice to parents to prepare kids for the new school term.

Summer holidays are an exciting time for young people, but understandably many parents do not share the same enthusiasm at the prospect of several weeks off school.

Recent studies have shown that during the summer holidays, children can lose up to 40 per cent of their school year learnings, and this is more pronounced in some subjects, such as reading and maths.

With the holidays in full swing now is the time to start planning summer activities for your children. Whether its one-to-one tuition to get them up to speed, a summer camp with a focus on their interests or even just being at home or on holiday with the family, there are lots of ways to keep children’s minds active and learning over the summer.


One-to-one tuition


One-to-one tuition is a great option for students who need a bit of extra support catching up. The summer gives them time to focus on the areas they need more support with, learning at their own pace.

But this in-depth support is not limited to exam preparation and getting ahead of the curriculum, it can also be a chance for young people to get curious and creative and really fall in love with learning.

Working with a tutor over the summer means students aren’t confined to the curriculum. This gives them an opportunity to explore their favourite subjects in more depth, look at traditionally academic subjects more creatively and understand how different subjects fit together through cross-subject exploration. From learning about science through Minecraft, maths through robotics, or creative writing through video game development, there are plenty of ways to make learning fun.

For older students it’s also a chance to start exploring university subjects that aren’t included in their school curriculum, such as mechanics and medicine.


Summer camps


Summer camps are a great way to bring structure to the holiday – and can be a lifesaver for parents who are working throughout the summer. Not only can they provide academic support, they also help students work on key social skills.

Learning to navigate new relationships outside of the familiar setting of school can be great for boosting self-esteem as well as opening up their friendship circle.

Having the opportunity to try new activities can also inspire new passions and boost their confidence.

Attending residential camps can be especially good for helping young people develop a sense of independence.


At home


Whether you’re staying put in the UAE this summer, or heading abroad to seek cooler climes, there are plenty of activities that can support learning over the summer.

Finding a book your child will love is a simple yet effective way to help develop literacy skills and for those who are a little-more-hands on, there are some great science experiments that can be done from the kitchen.

If you can’t coax them into more academic style activities, games can be a great way to develop skills. From Minecraft to monopoly, there are opportunities to learn everywhere you look.


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