Children’s House Montessori’s Preventative Measures

The Children’s House Montessori aims to help parents and kids fight the spread of COVID-19 as they launch a set of preventative measures.

Children’s House Montessori is situated in the heart of Khalifa City, the only UK Montessori accredited nursery in Abu Dhabi.  CHM is committed to delivering exceptional standards of Montessori principles with an uncompromising approach to quality.  CHM is a unique Montessori setting where the child is at the centre of everything they do.


Infection control


As you are probably aware, all nursery attendance in the UAE has been suspended until further notice to prevent further spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus. At CHM, the children’s, families’ and staff’s health and safety is paramount and prior to the suspension, as a preventative measure, CHM had teamed up with the ‘Food Protocol Agency’ to ensure the nursery is disinfected and sanitised to the highest standards.  Teachers and Classroom Assistants have received infection control training on how to prevent and minimise the spread of any infection. Rest assured your child is in the safest of hands when returning to the nursery, which we hope will be soon.


Proper hand washing routines are essential to stay healthy and safe.  Ensure your child washes their hands with soap for at least 20 seconds regularly throughout the day.  If you are away from home and no running water is available, please use hand sanitizer containing ethanol to keep your child safe.


It can be challenging to keep your children at home, but in line with current best practice and precautions, parents are asked to please avoid social gatherings to stop the spread of the coronavirus. To further support registered families at this time, the nursery has developed a Home Learning Curriculum that has been implemented to assist children’s continuous learning and development.


To find out more, please contact Children’s House Montessori at or call 02 444 1155.

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