A mangrove tree will be planted for Etihad Airways’ Economy Space seats

The airline is hoping to plant 182,000 mangrove trees by 2023.

A mangrove tree will be adopted on behalf of every Economy Space seat purchased on Etihad Airways, the airline has announced.

Planting trees in locations in Abu Dhabi, Etihad hopes that eventually every economy space seat sold will become carbon neutral in the future.

The initiative is a part of the Etihad Forest programme which is aiming to plant up to 182,000 mangrove trees by the first quarter of 2023 before launching the programme in international destinations.

Each mangrove tree is believed to absorb up to 250kg of CO2 in its lifetime – the same amount produced by an eight-hour flight.

Every guest who books an Economy Space Seat will receive confirmation of their gifted mangrove in the Etihad Forest within 10 days of flying and can track, virtually visit, see photos and other details of their tree, confirming the carbon offset for their recent travel.

Guests in other cabins can also take part in the Etihad Forest initiative using Etihad Guest Miles in the Reward Shop, while a range of additional options are offered to meet corporate partner requirements and provide bundled-offset options through the Corporate Conscious Choices programme.

In line with the Abu Dhabi Mangrove Programme by the Environment Agency Abu Dhabi, the Etihad Mangrove Forest is the culmination of multiple joint programmes between Etihad, Environment Agency Abu Dhabi, Jubail Island, The Storey Group and other partners to support mangrove conservation projects in the nation and develop new carbon sinks and natural resources to remove carbon from the atmosphere following our principle “Abu Dhabi for the World”.

The Etihad Forest is the next step in Etihad’s sustainability journey, built on the Boing 787 and Airbus A350 aircraft under the airline’s Greenliner and Sustainable50 initiatives, and follows the launch of Etihad Guest’s sustainability-linked loyalty initiative, Conscious Choices.

The initiative allows Etihad to explore opportunities in carbon projects to further endorse Abu Dhabi’s commitment to sustainability and is an evolution of these programmes to reach across the whole supply chain, ensuring longevity, success and protection of the plants long term.

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Image source Duty Media Officer Etihad Airways