Abu Dhabi launches new environmental vision to become the greenest place on the planet

The initiative will encompass 12 pillars, 33 goals, and 76 future programmes.

Abu Dhabi has laid out its environmental vision for the next 50 years, highlighting the emirate’s commitment to be the best in environmental conservation.

Launched by the Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi (EAD) and titled the Abu Dhabi Environmental Centennial 2071, the initiative has been developed to reinforce Abu Dhabi’s global position in environmental conservation by setting future visions, goals and plans that align with the future global megatrends and the UAE’s long-term visions, as well as future pressures, goals, and practices.



The centennial draws three key pathways that support the green transformation, with a total of 12 pillars, 33 goals, and 76 future programmes with the first pathway being a “vibrant emirate, thriving in nature”.

This pathway also includes four pillars describing the ambitions of conserving Abu Dhabi’s environment, its natural resources, and ecosystems within advanced frameworks to ensure a healthy environment for all, and to ensure Abu Dhabi is the most advanced city in terms of environmental health.


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The second pathway, “green force resilient to climate change” also includes four pillars to achieve excellence in climate action.

This is in addition to adopting various renewable energies to transform into a low carbon fleet and a green economy approach that competes with the best economies in the world while integrating natural capital and converting to green infrastructure.

The four pillars of the third pathway, “enablers for future environmental leadership,” take the lead on shaping the future, becoming a pioneer in environmental conservation, creating positive change, and developing an extended vision for future generations.

To achieve this, there will be a focus on adopting green policies and regulations, non-traditional environmental education, and awareness programmes and green solutions in future government work.

Partnering with eight government agencies to help reach this goal, EAD ran a public poll to capture the ideas of the UAE public on the drive for environmental conservation.

Speaking on the launch, Her Excellency Dr Shaikha Salem Al Dhaheri Secretary General of EAD said; “EAD realised that with the prospected acceleration in technological advancement and development, along with the increasing risks of climate change and the impact of global megatrends on the world’s population, it is important to develop a shared, integrated and flexible vision that leads future efforts so the next generations can enjoy nature and green development.”


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