Abu Dhabi freelancers and creatives… something’s brewing at Makerspace Al Zeina

 You’ll have all the tools to launch your project here… and freshly brewed coffee!

BRDG Concept Café and Makerspace Al Zeina! BRDG and Makerspace Al Zeina join forces in this super exciting initiative to provide the best possible launchpad for Abu Dhabi’s creative minds.

There’s going to be cup-fuls of freshly brewed coffee to get that old grey matter sparking new ideas at the MAKERSHOP.

And when the caffeine kicks in, there’s an array of state-of-the-art tools and equipment to get your ideas rolling. 

Not only that, there’s even an opportunity for start-ups to showcase their products.

BRDG Concept Café and Makerspace Al Zeina are powering the ideas and innovations behind a new wave of SMEs.


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The project aims to support the community at every stage of the start-up process, a shared goal of both BRDG and Makerspace Al Zeina.

“By collaborating on what we can offer, we have an opportunity to provide makers and innovators the tooling and machinery needed to fabricate an idea at the start of their journey – but also a retail destination for those products to reach the customer: The MAKERSHOP” explains Omar Al Farran, Founder of BRDG Concept Café.

Makerspace Al Zeina, the wide range of equipment allows all members access to making in areas as diverse as woodwork, textiles, metalwork, electronics, or ceramics, where the creative possibilities are limitless.



You’ll also get the chance to sip on BRDG coffee right alongside the workbenches!

Whether your coffee of choice is a smooth espresso, a creamy cappuccino, or a rich flat white, your favourite caffeine boost is now freshly brewed onsite.

At the heart of BRDG, the MAKERSHOP provides space for workshop members and local independent makers to sell their products designed and manufactured here in the UAE.

This showcase for handmade, low volume, artisanal, and custom-made products give a supportive and uncomplicated route to market for start-ups and SMEs.

“This partnership between BRDG and Makerspace Al Zeina aims to support not only the current maker community, but also to encourage a younger generation to design and create” says Paul Duggan, CEO of Makerspace Al Zeina.

Through their shared values and collaboration, both organisations are providing a pathway for good ideas: the practical resources of a world class makerspace facilities and a retail opportunity, but also a place where makers can come together to make dynamic connections and build a supportive network along the way…all with a strong mug of coffee in hand of course!

If you want to get involved or just know more information, call 02 558 8624 or email [email protected] or visit makerspace.ae

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