IIT to open its doors in Abu Dhabi next year

Abu Dhabi Skyline Image With Etihad Towers And Emirates Palace Hotel

One of the biggest Indian universities to welcome students to its campus in the UAE capital.

India’s biggest educational institute is expanding to wider horizons. And it’s first stop is none other than the UAE capital.

That’s right, the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) is all set to welcome students to its Abu Dhabi campus. And to get a headstart on the enrolment, the university is offering 500 fully-funded PhD fellowships to international students, including eligible students from the Gulf.

But how does IIT’s curriculum fit into UAE’s education model, you wonder? A new syllabus is under the works which takes the demands of the capital’s campus into consideration.

In collaboration with the Department of Education and Knowledge Abu Dhabi (ADEK), IIT will be launched in the capital by IIT Delhi’s former Dean for Academics.

With the current plans on schedule, IIT Abu Dhabi aims to start its operations in 2024. And the first batch of students will start their academic journey in the September programme.

So start polishing your PhD applications now!

For more information, visit home.iitd.ac.in

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