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Rare sighting of whale in Abu Dhabi waters


It was discovered on a recent marine survey.

If you are going out on the water today in Abu Dhabi, remember to bring your camera as you could be in for a whale of a time.

The Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi (EAD) has confirmed the sighting of Bryde’s Whale in the emirate’s waters during a recent marine survey.

The EAD says the presence of the whale is an indicator of the cleanliness of the water that surrounds Abu Dhabi and that this was a result of the policies and procedures put in place by the authority to maintain the quality of the water and to protect marine life.



Bryde’s whales are species of baleen whale and can measure up 16 metres in length and tip the scales at some 22 tons and can be found all over the planet.

The whale gets its name from Johan Bryde, the Norwegian consul to South Africa, who established the first whaling station in the country in 1908.

The EAD also warned anyone who were out at sea to keep their distance from the whale for their own safety.


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Abu Dhabi, UAE

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