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If you, like us, are suddenly finding your life strictly virtual, you’re not alone. The Knot has turned to some work-from-home experts for ways to conquer your virtual struggles. Tune in this evening for help!

“Suddenly Virtual” will be brought to you tomorrow by The Knot Community.  The Knot was founded in late 2018 with the following purpose: to curate social and cultural experiences in Abu Dhabi (UAE) and to knot stronger ties within the community.


The group has partnered with two friends of The Knot to help in solving the collective struggles you shared with us, centered around the challenges in balancing work and non-work from home. Topics covered will include but not limited to:


  • Dealing with outside noise
  • Workspace blending into personal space
  • Distractions, social media, news, eating …etc.
  • Lack of face to face connection
  • Staying focused
  • Lack of structure
  • Response time from colleagues is slow


  • Mohamed Ali is a service designer, leadership facilitator, board game aficionado and in his spare time a podcaster. Moe has worked remotely since 2016 and will plan his next birthday to be online.


Treat yourself to a cup of tea and tune into a workshop from 8pm-9pm (+4GMT) on the following evenings: 

  1. Wednesday, 1 April. The session is recorded and will be delivered in English
  2. Thursday, 2 April. The session is NOT recorded and will be delivered in Arabic
  3. Saturday, 4 April. The session is recorded and will be delivered in Arabic


Interested? Register here before Wednesday, April 01, 5:00 PM, UAE time. All participants will receive a calendar invite with the meeting link. Please make sure to download Zoom.


***Why am I being recorded?

As part of our purpose in knotting stronger ties within our community, we want to inspire forward. Through collaborative discussion, we will all walk away with new tools and tips on living well through this moment.  We are working to make the space as comfortable as possible to help you share your stories with those on our social platforms who weren’t able to join in the discussion. These stories will inspire and its message will continue to pay itself forward.  We also respect your personal boundaries and invite you to join our Thursday session if you don’t wish to be recorded.

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