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Five Reasons to Try Baby Spa

Mums around the world are going ga-ga over baby spas, where infants get hydrotherapy and massages and benefit physiologically and psychologically. Yalla checks out the new Baby Spa in Yas Mall.

1. Parents swear by Baby Spa’s ability to treat colic and other digestive issues. With its caring and well trained staff, Baby Spa is all about helping babies relax while also promoting muscle movement and physical well-being. Benefits of baby massage include the strengthening of the immune system and endorphin stimulation.

2. Babies as young as two months old can participate. With bubbles, whirlpool jets, soothing lights, and oodles of little toys to choose from, the pools provide a complete multisensory experience for babies. Using a cute little neck flotation device, they can either paddle around with their arms and legs, or float peacefully on their backs.

3. Sessions begin with a relaxed play session, followed by a little warm-up stretch from the centre’s trained staff. Babies then enter the tub (swim diapers are provided), with sessions lasting from 45 minutes (20 minutes hydrotherapy and 20 minutes massage), depending on their age and comfort level. Finally, they come out for a relaxing massage, customised to treat babies’ individual needs.

4. Post massage haircuts and mani/pedis await your youngster should you choose this option. Let’s face it, it’s not easy to trim an infant’s nails by yourself. So, why not leave it to a professional to do it and trim those baby hairs while they’re at it? Your baby will leave Baby Spa the picture of relaxation.

5. Regular customers say they love visiting Baby Spa because their babies always sleep better following visits. They also rave about Baby Spa’s therapeutic effect on their infants’ colic. Baby Spa’s founder says water-based exercises can strengthen a baby’s heart, motor and cognitive skills, while also instilling self confidence.

Our only disappointment after visiting Baby Spa was that parents can’t also jump in that mini whirlpool with their little one. Yalla thinks that babies—just like their mums—can benefit from a little spa time.

Baby Spa is on the 1st floor of Yas Mall, near the Coffee Club,, 02 667 7773

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02 667 7773
Baby Spa, Yas Mall

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