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Fine Dining in the Comfort of Your Home


If you’re missing the fine art of fine dining or just the act of eating out, you’re not alone. Fortunately, some of your favourite restaurants are delivering to you! Here’s who.

A Palatial Delivery

If you seek opulence on your kitchen table, then your best and perhaps only option is ordering takeaway from Emirates Palace. Never before have we had the option of ordering in from a palace—unless you’re a royal perhaps, so why not feel like one, if just one meal. You can order in from most of the Palace’s celebrated outlets, and the best part is that everyone can have what they want for a change so need to choose from just one restaurant for this takeaway feast. Phone 02 690 7999 or e-mail  for more information. Here’s the menu. We suggest that you don’t read this hungry.


COYA 2 U? Oh, Boya!

Now, you can have all those delicious flavours of Latin and South America delivered right to your door without boarding a plane, and since you can’t do that even if you wanted to, having the option of ordering in is nice. COYA’s delivery menu is their full menu, so why not order your favourites, put on some Latin music, and bring the spirit of COYA right into your home dining room to elevate your evening and your mood. Every order comes with a DIY guacamole. While we’re no closer to learning exactly what makes COYA’s guac just so good, despite having made it ourselves, we are little bit happier and fuller having made it ourselves.  COYA Delivery 2 U Menu is available every day from 12 – 8 pm


Fish & Chips and All the Fixin’s

The Chippy on Reem Island is there for you if a craving comes up for crispy fish and chips, and you know it will. How about a curried pie on the side or some scampi? You can have all the British dishes you crave delivered right to your door. You’ll feel transported to the British Isles without having even left your dining room. Menu


Everyone Wants Pizza

Because there’s probably not a sole in your home who doesn’t crave a slice, except the random vegan perhaps, but don’t worry Pizza di Rocco even has our dietary-challenged friends looked after! Everyone in town already knows Pizza di Rocco for its decadent and piping hot pizzas, but they also deliver crispy cool salads, pasta dishes for the pizza averse, and homemade gelatos and a particularly divine tiramisu to end your meal on a sweet note. Menu


Tuk Tuk Thai

If all this social distancing and isolation has you dreaming about past trips, travels, and dishes that you long to try again, why not order in from Tuk Tuk Thai and bring the spicy flavours of South East Asia straight to your home. Allow some pad Thai, green curry, steaming bowls of Jasmine Rice (which are free when you order online, by the way), and mango sticky rice transport you to the islands on your average weeknight. Menu


Spice is Nice

There’s nothing like the smell of a steaming curry to wake up your senses, and there’s no better modern take on Indian flavours than Tamba. While we can’t dine and take in all that fabulous ambiance on any given night or those epic Thursday ladies’ nights, there’s nothing to stop us from ordering in our favourites, such as Chicken 365 to start, any tikka masala you please as a main, and every single item on that unforgettable dessert menu. Phone 02 672 8888 for more information. Menu


But, wait there’s more! We can’t list them all here, so we suggest you hit up all the usual suspects like Talabat, Zomato, Deliveroo, and The Entertainer apps for inspiration, options, and big discounts! And, stay tuned because Yalla will highlight amazing new takeaways from week to week during this #StayAtHome period.

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