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Hidden Gem: Grill@Chill’O, Sofitel Abu Dhabi Corniche

Fabulous views and a brilliant dynamic menu await those looking to dine in style under the stars.

Every month Team Yalla showcases a restaurant we have tried and tested and think you should try too…bon appétit!

Head to the new and restyled Mediterranean restaurant and lounge, the beloved ‘Grills@Chill’O’.

Spread out on two decks, you get to kick back on the garden terrace where breathtaking panoramic views of the pool and Corniche await.

Dine al fresco on a signature grill or superb mouth-watering dishes from seasonal menus. Head chef at Sofitel Corniche Abu Dhabi, Moroccan Gari Abdel tells us more.


You are the culinary brains behind Grill@Chill’O. Tell us the inspiration behind the menu.

Restaurants are more than just a dining venue, it’s an opportunity to explore culture through different cuisines and flavours. Grill@Chill’O explores Mediterranean coastal cities and towns and the menu was created with this in mind, serving dishes regional dishes prepared with authentic flavours and techniques. 

The garden and terrace complete with sea view only adds flair to this concept. Coming from Morocco, I am also proud to present some of the dishes from my childhood.


The Grill@Chill’O is synonymous with magnificent Mediterranean dishes. What’s the secret to cooking a perfect Mediterranean dish?

Mediterranean dishes are flavour bombs that simply dance tunes on your tongue.

But the sheer amount of ingredients and different flavours in such dishes can also be quite tricky. Balancing them even when following a recipe to the letter can still not give the desired taste.

The balancing act is the secret.

So simply, cook from the heart, listen smell and feel the ingredients as they mix together while cooking. And remember each dish is different, and has its own tune, so don’t be afraid to switch tracks and play around at times while having fun.


What’s is the go-to dish on the Grill@Chill’O menu that diners must absolutely try?

Definitely our Signature Surf & Turf grill.

In my opinion, there is nothing quite like having a hearty outdoor juicy and hot grill. We take great care in the preparation, from marinating, the perfectly charred look, to our iconic white grill set, it is, for me, a culmination of technique and delicious flavours.

It is most definitely Instagram worthy as it comes smoking hot. I would recommend everyone to breath in the aroma while closing their eyes and try it with our homemade bread.    


In your experience, what makes a good chef a great chef?

Showing care and respect towards the ingredients and origins of the dishes. Each dish has a story to tell and as chefs, it is our duty to continue telling these stories.

I personally take great care to ensure the dishes taste authentic; I always use the traditional ingredients and cooking methods as much as I can. We must also be mindful of sustainable sourcing and the carbon footprint caused by imports.

A great chef should be able to deliver tasty dishes to keep our guests happy without sacrificing our natural resources.

To book your spot at Grill@Chill’O, please WhatsApp 056 865 7881 or call 02 813 7777. To find out more, visit

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15-03-2021 - 31-03-2021


02 813 7777
Grill@Chill’O, Sofitel Abu Dhabi Corniche