That’s Not All Folks! Warner Bros Abu Dhabi is Finally Open!

That’s Not All Folks! Warner Bros Abu Dhabi Is Finally Open!

Kids and kids at heart have been waiting patiently for the opening of the Abu Dhabi’s indoor Warner Bros.-themed park since its announcement, and last week it officially opened to the public allowing visitors to take a fun-filled walk down memory lane. Here’s your one-stop primer on your first visit to the park.

Just How Big Is It?

Everyone’s been buzzing about the location and size of the park since word spread about its one billion dollar price tag – yes, that’s billion with a “B.” The park covers 1.65 million square feet and is made up of five immersive lands: Metropolis, Gotham City, Cartoon Junction, Dynamite Gulch, and Bedrock, which all emanate like spokes off the central Warner Bros. Plaza. The Plaza buzzes with memorabilia, restaurants, and shops selling Warner Bros World-inspired merchandise. Though spacious, the park is easily walkable and can be visited in an afternoon; nevertheless, Yalla suggests you plan to spend the whole day.

Planning Your Visit With the Kids

Any visit to any theme park depends upon the ages and interests of your children, and Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi has attractions to keep both kids and kids at heart happy throughout your visit. Do your research, so you know the layout of the theme park before you go. Investigate restaurants you might enjoy or where you can drop the little ones off when you’d like to do more adult rides as there is in-park childcare available to families.

Though the park is large, it’s designed in such a way that you never feel as though you’ve walked that far so don’t worry about the layout. All six immersive lands are a short walk from Warner Bros. Plaza.

That’s Not All Folks! Warner Bros Abu Dhabi Is Finally Open!

The Rides: Thrills, Chills, and A Few Rides in Between

So, let’s start with the rides because that’s what you came for, isn’t it? When Warner Bros World is fully operational, it will house 29 state-of-the-art rides but, for now, 27 of them are ready for riders. Here are our top pick rides that you can look forward to experiencing on your visit.

Thrills & Chills

Those looking for an adrenaline jolt should go straight to the Gotham City-inspired immersive land where visitors will find the three most adrenaline-packed rides. The Riddler’s Revolution straps riders around the edge of a disk on a linear roller coaster track, which rises, drops, spins around and rocks from side-to-side offering riders a two-minute thrill ride.

The Joker Funhouse looks unassuming enough but it’s unexpectedly physical and full of optically illusive surprises. A series of mental and physical challenges await guests in the form of a classic funhouse mirror maze, moving ladders, and a tube slide.

Finally, the Scarecrow is not for the squeamish. Resembling a spider, the ride straps you in and then begins to jolt anti-clockwise picking up both speed and height in quick succession. Each compartment has a joystick in the middle that toggles to the left or right making the compartment sway in those directions. The semi-circle pattern of motion can turn upside down in a few seconds and leave you feeling pretty queasy, pretty fast.

For The Kids

Go for the Green Lantern: Galactic Odyssey if you seek a ride that’s lighter on chills. Ride along with the Green Lantern as he transports you through a twinkling universe of corresponding sound effects and some awe-inspiring sights.

Located in the cartoon-themed kiddie section of the park, the Fast and Furry-ous is a perfect entry point ride for families with children. Parents who grew up watching Wile E. Coyote chase the Road Runner on his Acme rocket will delight in Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi recreation of the cartoon action. Riders are strapped into a car with their legs hanging freely. The ride turns and drops around a series of loops with a desert backdrop at breakneck speed. 

Riddler'S Revolution

Food to Fuel Your Fun

All those rides and selfies with Tweety bird can work up an appetite, trust us! Fortunately, there are restaurants in every corner of each of the venue’s six immersive lands. In the main Warner Bros Plaza, you’ll also find a few notable restaurants to grab a bite to eat. Here are a few of our faves.

If you seek something a bit more upmarket than traditional theme park fare, a decent pizza and plate of pasta is on always order in the Hollywood Trattoria. The restaurant is decorated with autographed stills and caricatures of favorite Warner Bros. stars, so guests can be entertained by the memorabilia as they dine.

If you hanker for spicy Indian, drop into the Ace of Clubs in Metropolis for the tandoori chicken skewer.  Mini meals such as small servings of fish and chips, nachos, and mac and cheese croquettes round out the bite-sized offerings at the nearby Gotham City’s Finest classic American style diner, which is complete with checkered floors, booths, and counter service.

Have a supersized appetite to satisfy? If so, head straight to Metropolis’ Big Belly Burger to fuel up. This all-American diner serves large portions of all-American fare, such as burgers hot dogs, chicken wings and fries.

Finally, indulge your sweet tooth in the Celebrity Scoop where you grab a pop, malt, or milkshake and take a step back in time at this classic American soda shop.

That’s Not All Folks! Warner Bros Abu Dhabi Is Finally Open!

The Verdict

Yalla thinks a visit to this park is a must. As it’s new, the queues can be quite long in the afternoon, so if you are visiting with children, do go earlier to avoid them. If you can’t go early, a fast pass is not a bad idea in the park’s early days.

Prices and General Information

General admission tickets for adults are AED295. Children under the height of 1.1m are eligible for the Junior ticket pricing at AED230. Children under 3 can visit Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi for free.

For residents and frequent visitors alike, the park also offers a range of annual passes. Have a look on the Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi for more information on annual passes and general information on the park.

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