Review: Al Forsan International Sports Resort is offering you a licence to thrill

Ziplining, wakeboarding, go-karting and more in Khalifa City.

The metallic clicks of a support harness being securely put in place is the only sound that disturbs an awe-inspiring view from atop Al Forsan International Sports Resort’s latest entertainment attraction; the zipline.

Team Yalla is standing 12 metres in the air at the top of the newly constructed zipline, admiring the unimpeded vistas of the vast venue, the glistening water below and the surrounding Khalifa City, ready to begin our daycation experience.

“OK, you’re good to go. Just jump,” says Jeremy, the zipline instructor. Our legs forget to move. But after a momentary false start, we leap from our perch and are racing through the air at top speed. An exhilarating burst of adrenaline and energy courses through the body as we take in the stunning resort from the best seat (or harness) in the resort.

Reaching the other side, Madel, disconnects us from the line and asks “Want to go again?”


Upon completion of our second trip through the sky where we even attempted to go hands-free (for about two seconds), we are back onto terra firma where wakeboarding beckons.

Equipped with a helmet and life jacket, we place ourselves on a floating dock of the beginner lake against which the water gently laps and we slip our feet onto the board. Descending from above, the water cable sits bobbing in front of us.

“Bend your knees, arms outstretched and stand up slowly,” encourages instructor Dil who controls the water cable park system, the first in the Middle East.

The cable tightens, we are standing, travelling forward before hitting the water after a few feet; it is our first time after all but a quick swim to shore and a few tips of advice from Dil sees us increase our distance with each attempt, even achieving the halfway point of the course.

Drenched but full of endorphins, a quick shower is enjoyed before we hit the track to satisfy our need for speed where some 1.2km of Commission Internationale De Karting approved road awaits us.

Reaching speeds of up to 80km per hour, the driving is not for the faint-hearted with many twists and turns testing reactions as well as driving skills as Team Yalla and other go-karters jockey for position on the interactive leaderboard where you can view your position and time when the chequered black and white flag has been waved.

The speed, late breaking, tight corners and competition are thrilling not to mention the powerful vibrations of the horsepower that sits beneath you.  Team Yalla may not have won but it truly was a winning day out.

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As day turns to night, the casual lounge bar of Wave invites guests to round off the day in an intimate and serene setting where Food and Beverage Supervisor, Leo, and the team are on hand to serve every need.

Nestled between the beginner and pro lakes, we settle down in our own private hut, offering prime position to watch expert wakeboarders showcase their skills on the water.

We begin with a serving of piquant Mediterranean Salad as well as Nachos and Salsa for a little bit of crunch. Mains see a feast laid on with Seafood Pizza with cheese infused crusts, superbly Grilled Chicken Breast and delicious Chicken Penne Pasta.

But we remember to save room for the oh so important dessert which arrives in the form of Chocolate Cake and Brownies. Suitably fed, we sit back and soak up the atmosphere and the impressive wakeboarding displays. We will be back.

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