A guide to the schools on Saadiyat Island

All the education institutions on Saadiyat Island.

Pristine white beaches, sparkling views of the Arabian Gulf, gorgeous hotels and amazing restaurants – the list goes on as to why Saadiyat Island is one of the best places to live in Abu Dhabi.

But for parents, the district is also very attractive due to the high-quality schools.

From music schools to secondary schools as well as nursery schools, your child’s educational needs will be met on Saadiyat Island.

Here is a guide to the schools on Saadiyat Island.




The biggest and best-known school on Saadiyat Island is Cranleigh Abu Dhabi. Providing a curriculum that offers students academia, extra-curricular activities and pastoral care, the school educates children from nursery right through to school leavers. Established in 2014, Cranleigh Abu Dhabi on Saadiyat Island places students in a House where they work together with their fellow students to earn points through a series of competitions in sport, arts and academia. With a motto ‘From Culture Come Strength’, the membership of a House offers students the chance to develop their leadership skills and their abilities when it comes to working as a team.

Located in a prime location, this school on Saadiyat Island is within a 2km radius of some of Abu Dhabi’s most wonderful cultural attractions including the Louvre Abu Dhabi, Manarat Al Saadiyat and Berklee College of Music.

For more information visit cranleigh.ae




Offering students an opportunity to immerse themselves in the French language and culture, this school on Saadiyat Island is perfect for those coming from the French community or any Francophiles. Founded in 2006 as only primary school, the facility has expanded to cater for secondary school pupils who can study and undertake the baccalaureate exams from 2020.

For more information visit ltmonod.aflec-fr.org




A school which started out in 1972 with 50 students in Al Bateen has grown into one of the biggest schools on Saadiyat Island with a school population of 1,200. Educating students aged four to 18-years-old, encompassing more than 60 nationalities, American Community School on Saadiyat Island strives to provide all students with excellence in academics, the arts, athletics and service learning. The campus also includes an Arabic Institute of Excellence to promote fluency among its pupils and in the region.

For more information visit acs.sch.ae




For many parents choosing their children’s first school is one of the most important decisions they will make as a good first experience of learning can have a huge impact on a child’s desire to succeed in education.

A name familiar to all parents throughout Abu Dhabi and indeed the UAE is Redwood Montessori Nursery. With five nurseries dotted throughout Abu Dhabi, this nursery school on Saadiyat Island’s curriculum revolves around the physical, cognitive, social, and emotional development of each child. All students will build concentration, coordination, respect and language as the foundations are laid for a successful educational career in later life.

For more information visit theredwoodnursery.com




A multicultural nursery school on Saadiyat Island, Bright Beginnings Nursery – Saadiyat takes in children from four weeks to four years old. Offering students the British or Australian curriculum, the nursery school offers bilingual classes in English/Arabic and English/French.

For more information visit brightbeginnings.ae




Should your child demonstrate creative ability that deserves to be nurtured, the Berklee College of Music on Saadiyat Island is the perfect place to enroll them. This school on Saadiyat Island offers to develop your child’s skills, grasp and knowledge of the performing arts in theatre, dance and music with an innovative curriculum that empowers students to create the future they imagine.

For more information visit berklee.edu


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