RAMADAN 2022: UAE announces COVID-19 guidelines for the Holy Month

There will be a return to pre-pandemic straight line pattern worshipping.

The National Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Management Authority (NCEMA) has announced that a series of COVID-19 protocols will be eased ahead of Ramadan.

The relaxed measures will see prayer timings in UAE mosques return to normal with Tarawih prayers held throughout the Holy Month and Tahajjud prayers being held during the last 10 days.

Copies of the Holy Quran will be available in mosques provided they have been sanitised, while bottled or canned water can be distributed to worshippers.

Women’s prayer halls will return to normal while worshippers will be able to return to the pre-pandemic straight line pattern during prayers.

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The authority added that all worshippers must wear face masks, maintain one-metre social distance and use personal or single-use prayer mats.

Additionally volunteers at the mosques must enforce the aforementioned guidelines.

Expected to begin on Saturday 2 April, the news is the latest relaxing of Ramadan measures with the return of Iftar tents in the UAE.


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