Here are the expected dates for Ramadan 2022 in the UAE

Ramadan will last 29 or 30 days this year.

February is drawing to a close and the holy month of Ramadan is soon to begin in the UAE.

Based on the new crescent of the lunar cycle, the new moon at the start of the ninth month of the Islamic calendar will signify the beginning of Ramadan.

Currently, the likely date for Ramadan in the UAE will see the holy month start on Saturday 2 April.

The task of spotting the new crescent is placed upon the moon sighting committee who will convene after maghrib or sunset prayers on the 29th day of Sha’ban.

If the new crescent moon is spotted, Ramadan will begin the following day, if not the holy month will start the day after.

Ramadan last either 29 or 30 days depending on the sighting.

Many businesses and schools will operate on reduced hours during the holy month, however, unlike previous years, Ramadan 2022 could see restaurants being able to serve diners without curtains or dividers as they did last year.


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