RAMADAN 2024: The ultimate list of the best Iftars in Abu Dhabi

Grand Hyatt Abu Dhabi

All the best Iftars in Abu Dhabi are waiting for you and your family

Ramadan in Abu Dhabi is a wonderous occasion that can be experienced by everybody.

So why not celebrate Ramadan in Abu Dhabi with cherished traditions – gather with loved ones for a delightful Iftar experience in Abu Dhabi.

Team Yalla presents a curated selection of the finest Iftar options where you and your loved ones get to enjoy quality time, relax, and embrace the special season amid the pleasant weather.

It’s an unparalleled way to honour the occasion!




Erth Abu Dhabi Ramadan


Al Rimal


Experience the true essence of Ramadan at Erth Abu Dhabi! Under the theme AL YAMA’A FI ERTH, experience the height of luxury this Ramadan at Al Rimal. Indulge in authentic culinary creations for Iftar, featuring a lavish buffet and interactive cooking stations. The ambiance is enhanced by live oud music, ensuring an unforgettable dining experience that exudes sophistication.

Daily from sunset to 10pm. AED 285 with beverages; AED 140 for children aged between six and 12, free for children under six years old. For bookings, call 02 497 5208, 02 441 5900




Modernity and the authenticity of Emirati hospitality meld at this pretty poolside venue where a winning combination of international flavours with an Emirati essence, favourite board games, enchanting live oud music and unique shisha flavours waits for those looking to enjoy Ramadan nights.

Daily from 7pm until 2am. For bookings, call 02 497 5208, 02 441 5900




Conrad Abu Dhabi Etihad Towers Ramadan iftar offers in Abu Dhabi 2024


Arabian Nights extravaganza at Layali Al Baraka


Dive into Layali Al Baraka’s enchanting traditional majlis pop-up, where Emirati heritage unfolds in a culinary spectacle. Conrad Abu Dhabi Etihad Towers invites you to savour Emirati specialties and international delights crafted from local recipes. Dishes from renowned MICHELIN-selected Li Beirut and José by Pizarro, along with dishes from SOLE and desserts by Chef Sumeda, promise an unforgettable culinary evening. As the sun sets, win daily prizes, from staycations to spa treatments.

Daily from sunset until 9pm. AED 210 per person (Weeks 2 & 3); AED 180 per person (Weeks 1 & 4). For bookings, call 02 811 5666


Michelin elegance at Li Beirut


Immerse yourself in an intimate and luxurious dining experience at Li Beirut, the MICHELIN-recognised Lebanese restaurant at Conrad Abu Dhabi Etihad Towers. Along the waterfront, savour a premium set menu with mezze, grilled kebabs, and Lebanese desserts amid live music. Extend the experience into Suhoor with signature mocktails, diverse shisha flavours, and a regular à la carte menu.

Daily from sunset until 9pm (Iftar), 9 pm until 11 pm (Suhoor). Iftar AED 250 per person; Suhoor AED 180 per person.) For bookings, call 02 811 5666


Spanish flair at José by Pizarro’s Iftar


Experience an extraordinary Iftar at José By Pizarro, the vibrant Spanish restaurant recognised by MICHELIN. Chef José Pizarro’s Ramadan set menu offers a delightful array of Spanish flavours, featuring nine tapas dishes from Croquetas to Lamb Neck Paella.

Daily from 6.30pm to 11pm. AED 250 per person. For bookings, call 02 811 5666




Iftar at Giornotte Ritz-Carlton Abu Dhabi Grand Canal




The Iftar banquet unfurls like a tale from Arabian Nights. Relish an opulent open buffet brimming with exquisite dishes, each a testament to the region’s culinary opulence. Dynamic live cooking stations tantalize your palate with a symphony of flavours, while communal platters and fragrant shisha beckon you to bask beneath the celestial canopy, lost in luxury’s embrace.

Daily from sunset till 10pm. AED 345 Open Buffet. For bookings, call 02 818 8203




Experience a symphony of exquisite flavours and culinary mastery. Delight in succulent lamb Ouzi, tenderly slow cooked to perfection, alongside fragrant biryani bursting with aromatic spices. Revel in the artfully crafted mezze platters boasting fresh dips and vibrant salads.

Daily from sunset to 9pm. AED 200 for Set Menu. For bookings, call 02 818 8203




St. Regis Saadiyat Island




Step into the enchanting world of Oléa Restaurant this Ramadan, where every evening is a celebration of flavour and tradition. Feast on a tantalisng array of dishes, from Turkish kebabs to Moroccan specialties, all expertly prepared and beautifully presented. Live oud music adds to the ambiance, creating a truly memorable dining experience. Finish your meal with our exquisite dessert selection, featuring charcoal-baked baklava and decadent kunafa, ensuring your evening ends on a sweet note. Join us at Oléa Restaurant and make this Ramadan unforgettable.

Daily from sunset to 11pm with live oud entertainment. AED 275; AED 125 per child(ages six to 12 years old. For bookings, please call 02 498 8443


Lemoni Garden by Sontaya


Indulge in the celestial allure of a Starlit Iftar at Lemoni Garden by Sontaya. Host your private gathering beneath the shimmering night sky, surrounded by enchanting floating pavilions. Our expert chefs craft a delectable Iftar menu tailored to your tastes. Accommodating up to 150 guests, this venue guarantees an unforgettable evening of culinary delights and cherished memories.

Available for private Iftar gatherings. A minimum spend is applicable. For bookings, call 02 498 8443



Al Wathba, a Luxury Collection Desert Resort and Spa

Indulge in an unparalleled Iftar affair this Ramadan at Al Mabeet Desert Camp, enveloped in the charm of a traditional Arabian tent setting and authentic Bedouin-inspired decor. Delight in a delectable array of local and international dishes, from succulent mixed grills to fragrant Moroccan tagines and the exquisite Bedouin Zarb, slow-cooked underground for 18 hours. Enhancing your experience, a live Qanoon player serenades you by the bonfire, creating unforgettable moments under the starlit sky.

Daily from sunset to 10pm. AED 210 including Ramadan drinks; 50% off for children from six to 12 years old. For bookings and inquiries, please call 02 204 4444




The Terrace on the Corniche Ramadan, St Regis Abu Dhabi


The Terrace on the Corniche


Experience an exquisite Iftar, whether indoors or out, with a lavish spread of international cuisines and traditional specialties. Begin with fresh appetisers and vibrant salads, then explore flavours from the Mediterranean, India and Turkey. Indulge in slow-cooked clay pot dishes, succulent spit-roasted seafood, Turkish döner kebab, and Arabic Shawarma. Conclude with decadent desserts from our talented pastry chefs, ensuring your Ramadan gathering ends on a sweet note.

Daily from sunset to 11pm. AED 260. For bookings, please call 02 694 4553


Catch St. Regis


Experience the epitome of Ramadan elegance at Catch at St. Regis, where a meticulously crafted menu awaits your discerning group of 20. Delight in Medjool Dates, sumptuous appetizers, and savory soups. Indulge in delicacies like grilled Prawns with Chermoula Sauce and Wagyu Ribeye, each dish a tribute to Ramadan’s essence. Conclude with our famed Catchamisu, a decadent finale. Whether indoors amidst sophistication or outdoors beneath starlit skies, Catch at St. Regis promises an unparalleled Ramadan ambiance, enveloping you in luxury and refinement.

Limited edition menu. AED 400| Group of minimum of 20 persons. For bookings, please call 02 694 4553




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Indulge in the epitome of opulence this Ramadan at Garage, where culinary excellence meets luxury dining. Gather with your esteemed circle of friends and cherished family members to partake in an extravagant Iftar experience. Delight your senses with an array of tantalizing offerings meticulously crafted to satisfy every discerning palate. From the exotic flavors of Malaysian Martabak with Beef to the sumptuous delights of Modernist Butter Chicken, each dish promises an unforgettable journey of taste and refinement. Elevate your Ramadan traditions with our unparalleled culinary feast, destined to leave a lasting impression.

Daily sunset to 9pm. AED 245. For bookings, call 02 656 0000


Palm Garden or Skylite


Experience the enchanting Social Sunset: Host an extraordinary Iftar for over 50 guests against the stunning backdrop of either Palm Garden or Skylite. Elevate your communal Iftar to new heights with an exquisite setting and delectable cuisine, ensuring an unforgettable experience for all. Indulge in an evening of elegance and indulgence.

Starting at AED 150. For bookings, call 02 656 0000




Fairmont Mazaj Bab Al Bahr Ramadan

Al Andalus Tent

The lavish confines of the Al Andalus Tent is the perfect location for a lavish Iftar buffet of unparalleled opulence. Behold the spectacle of live cooking stations and Ouzi displays, showcasing a tantalising array of grilled meats and succulent seafood for discerning palates to relish. Delight in the authentic flavours of Arabia with an abundance of hot and cold Mezzeh, Manakish, and Shawarma served in the finest Saj bread. Indulge your senses further with a dedicated Emirati cuisine station offering local delicacies such as Thareed, Harees, and Machboos, complemented by a selection of refreshing Ramadan beverages, aromatic Arabic coffees, premium dates, and an assortment of decadent Western sweets, including a luxurious Kunafa station and artisanal ice creams, all serenaded by the enchanting melodies of a live Oud player and vocalist.

Daily sunset to 9pm. AED 289. For bookings, call 02 654 3333


Mazaj Al Bahr


This Ramadan, luxuriate in elegance at Mazaj Al Bahr, where friends and family are treated to a lavish Family-Style Iftar against the majestic backdrop of the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. Experience the fusion of Lebanese culinary mastery with local flair in our Mediterranean-inspired restaurant. Indulge in freshly baked pita bread, exquisite Mezzeh spreads, and a sumptuous Mix Grilled platter featuring Lamb Ouzi. Complete your opulent feast with tantalizing desserts like Katayef and Turkish Kunafa.

Daily sunset to 9pm. AED 245. For bookings, call 02 654 3333




Shangri-La Qaryat Al Beri Ramadan Abu Dhabi


Sofra bld


Experience the opulence of tradition and taste with an exquisite Iftar buffet. From fragrant Middle Eastern specialties to sumptuous desserts and revitalising Ramadan-inspired drinks, every dish is meticulously prepared to delight your senses and uplift your spirit. We are pleased to announce that guest chefs from the esteemed Shangri-La Bosphorus, Istanbul, will be joining us, adding an authentic touch of Turkish flavours to an already sensational culinary lineup.

Daily from sunset to 8pm. AED 288 including Ramadan-inspired beverages. Enjoy 20% savings when dining between 9 to 15 March 2024. For bookings, call 02 509 8555




Ramadan at Saadiyat Rotana Resort and Villas


Sim Sim Restaurant


Step into the luxurious world of Sim Sim Restaurant’s Ramadan tent, a stunning addition to the city’s culinary scene. Indulge in an array of exquisite dishes in a setting adorned with the soft glow of lanterns and enchanting melodies. Go on a journey of culinary delight and elevate your experience with exclusive group rates, ensuring an unforgettable evening for all. For those planning ahead, take advantage of our prepaid vouchers, offering exceptional value.

Daily from sunset to 10.30pm. AED 350 for the buffet. For bookings, call 02 697 0000




Grand Hyatt Abu Dhabi Ramadan Iftar Offers in Abu Dhabi 2024




Indulge in the timeless joy of Ramadan amid cherished company, partaking in a sumptuous Iftar buffet. Delight in a lavish spread boasting an exquisite array of hot and cold mezze, showcasing culinary delights from across the globe—Arabic, Asian, and Indian cuisines tantalise the senses with three rotating menus throughout the sacred month. Elevate your experience with traditional Ramadan beverages like Laban Airan, Kamar al Deen, Jellab, Tamer Hindi, and Karkadi, enriching every moment with opulence and tradition.

Daily from 6.30pm to 10.30pm. AED 240, including a selection of traditional Ramadan beverages. For bookings, call 02 510 1234


Pearl Lounge


Experience Ramadan’s rich traditions at Pearl Lounge, where every detail embodies the spirit of the month. Enjoy the delightful setting offering set menus and à la carte options for Iftar. Delight in flavours like mixed Arabic cheese platter, Lamb Kibbeh, and Falafel from the carefully crafted menu. Enhance your experience with the soothing aroma of shisha, adding an extra touch of luxury.

Sunset to 9pm. AED 240 set menu, including Ramadan beverages. For bookings, call 02 510 1234




Rixos Abu Dhabi for Iftar

Indulge in an opulent Iftar, dining al fresco on a carefully crafted buffe offering an array of sumptuous delights to satisfy diverse tastes. From tantalising Tas Kebab and Adana Kebab to exquisite vegetarian treats like Traditional Arabic Rice and Yayla Yoghurt Soup, every dish promises culinary bliss. Delight in the luxurious ambiance of Ramadan, savouring each morsel as you embrace the spirit of the holy month. Experience the essence of Turkish cuisine with our exclusive spread, accompanied by live traditional music. Elevate your fast-breaking experience with unparalleled luxury and gastronomic excellence.

Daily from 6.30pm to 8.30pm. AED 299. For bookings, call 02 498 0000




Mandarin Oriental Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi iftar offers in abu dhabi


The Majlis by the Sea


Indulge in a culinary escapade at The Majlis by the Sea, where an exclusive Ramadan tent nestled alongside the private beach, between the luxurious Emirates Palace Mandarin Oriental and the regal Qasr Al Watan, awaits. As the sun gracefully sets, a captivating panorama unfolds, setting the stage for an extraordinary Iftar experience. Immerse yourself in the diverse flavours of Arabic and Emirati cuisines, harmoniously paired with international delights. Elevating the gastronomic journey, renowned Michelin-starred restaurants like Talea by Antonio Guida, Hakkasan Abu Dhabi, and Michelin Recommended Restaurant Martabaan by Hemant Oberoi present their signature dishes.

Daily from sunset to 8.30pm. AED 345 per person; AED 295 per person on weekdays on the first week of Ramadan, for groups with a minimum of 50 guests. Kids aged four to 11 dine at 50% savings. For bookings, call 02 690 7999




Ramadan in Rosewood Abu Dhabi



As dusk falls, gather outdoors with family and friends at Aqua where live culinary stations offering traditional dishes and refreshing drinks awaits. To the of a live oud player,  share heartfelt moments of gratitude with your loved ones for this Ramadan feast.

Daily from sunset to 9pm. AED 235 for week 1 and 4; AED 255 for Week 2 and 3. For bookings, call 02 813 5550



Dusit Thani Abu Dhabi iftar offers in abu dhabi




Under the stars, the stunning SkyDome hosts a special Ramadan Iftar where a diverse culinary offering from the Arab region, Michelin-selected Indian restaurant Namak, and Thai gourmet venue Benjarong await. Live stations cater to various tastes, including vegan options, adding an international flair to this gastronomic journey. Exclusive private dining areas are available for those seeking a more intimate setting. Throughout Ramadan, the melodious strains of an oud player enhance the ambiance. Collaborating with “Fresh on the Table” and “Zayed Higher Foundation” to support local sustainable farm products, empowering people of determination producing homemade goat cheese, you know this not only promises a lavish experience but also supports a noble cause.

Daily from sunset. AED 195 per guest, and AED 98 for children aged six to 12. For bookings, call 02  698 8888




VOGO Abu Dhabi Ramadan


Iftar on the Lawn


Indulge in the opulent Ramadan experience, where each day brings a sumptuous Iftar affair. Delight in a fusion of traditional delicacies and global flavours amid the serene ambiance of the resort’s sprawling lawn. From the first day of Ramadan, guests are invited to join the lavish gatherings, fostering cherished moments of togetherness with loved ones. Embrace the spirit of the season in style, surrounded by luxury and culinary excellence at every turn.

Daily from sunset. AED 235 per guest, AED 105 for children. For bookings, call 02 616 9999




Beach Rotana Abu Dhabi Al Shorfa Ramadan


Al Shorfa


Dive into a lavish buffet featuring local delights and global specialties. Indulge in lamb ouzi, shawarma, and mixed grills. Quench your thirst with traditional drinks and refreshing mocktails. Opt for Shisha for added leisure. Enjoy an exclusive early bird offer with 10 per cent off for the first 10 Days of Ramadan for bookings made by 15 February. Don’t miss this chance to savour culinary delights in an opulent setting.

Daily from 6pm to 8pm. AED 245 for adults; AED 90 for ages six to 12. For bookings, call 02 6979186




Sheraton Abu Dhabi iftar offers in abu dhabi




Experience a transformation at Sheraton Abu Dhabi Hotel & Resort as it adorns itself with festive lights and ornaments for Ramadan. Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere while relishing a lavish Iftar buffet. Savour the essence of Arabic and oriental cuisines with live stations featuring hot and cold mezze, oriental hot soup, salads, fresh bread, pastries, and enticing mains like ouzi and shawarma. Don’t miss the delectable Arabic sweets and refreshing Ramadan juices.

Daily from sunset. AED 186 with special Ramadan juices. For bookings, call 054 791 9022




Hilton Abu Dhabi Yas Island


The Courtyard


Indulge in opulent living with an exquisite Iftar feast amid the elegance of The Courtyard. Delight in live entertainment as you savour a lavish buffet featuring Ramadan’s finest offerings. From refreshing juices to heartwarming soups, and an array of hot and cold mezze, every palate is catered to. Spoil yourself with delectable mains, live cooking stations offering a variety of grilled delights, and an irresistible selection of decadent desserts, including Emirati luqaimat and artisanal honey cake.

From sunset to 9pm. AED 195 per person; 50% off for children aged six to 11; Children below the age of six dine free. For bookings, 052 547 6318




COYA Abu Dhabi Iftar menu

Experience COYA Abu Dhabi’s lavish Ramadan Iftar, celebrating Peruvian heritage amid Al Maryah Island’s sunset. Delight in Maki de Champiñones, Burrata, and Anticuchos de Berenjena. Indulge in Arroz Nikkei, Grilled Salmon, and Ensalada Verde. Finish with COYA’s decadent Pastel de Datiles Ramadan dessert. Elevate each dish with bespoke mocktails from the Pisco Bar. Enjoy unmatched views and distinguished ambiance for an unforgettable gathering.

Daily from sunset to 7.30pm. AED 239 per person for eats. For bookings, call 02 306 7000




LPM Abu Dhabi Ramadan, Ramadan 2024, Ramadan in Abu Dhabi

Indulge in the essence of French Mediterranean culinary opulence at LPM Restaurant & Bar Abu Dhabi, where the spirit of Ramadan is celebrated with a sumptuous Iftar experience. Delight in a curated menu offering a lavish four-course journey into Mediterranean gastronomy. Begin with traditional soup and dates, leading to a selection of starters like Burrata with Cherry Tomatoes and Warm Prawns with Olive Oil. Savor mains such as Homemade Arabiatta Pasta or Grilled Sirloin with Tarragon Mustard, concluding with exquisite desserts like Vanilla Cheesecake. Elevate your experience with mocktails like Le Tilleul or Mon Numéro, adding a touch of sophistication to your evening.

AED 270 per person. For bookings, call 02 692 9600




Fouquet's Abu Dhabi


Fouquet’s Abu Dhabi


Indulge in the opulent Ramadan experience at Fouquet’s Abu Dhabi beneath the grandeur of Louvre Abu Dhabi’s dome. Crafted by Culinary Director Chef Balveer Balkisoon, the lavish menu seamlessly blends Arabic delicacies with French finesse. Choose between intimate indoor seating or the picturesque terrace overlooking Saadiyat Island’s waters. Start with refreshing Laban and apricot juice followed by a luxurious lentil soup, crispy Omani prawns, and inventive appetisers. Delight in slow-cooked lamb and exotic oriental rice before indulging in a divine dessert platter of tropical fruits and rose rice pudding with saffron ice cream.

Daily throughout Ramadan. AED 350 for four courses and a sharing fruit platter. For bookings, call 02 205 4200




Radisson Blu Abu Dhabi Corniche iftar offers in abu dhabi


La Terrazza


During Ramadan, La Terrazza at Radisson Blu Hotel & Resort Abu Dhabi Corniche orchestrates a captivating Iftar experience that unites both locals and visitors. Adorned with Ramadan-themed embellishments, La Terrazza presents a captivating spread of international delicacies, a culinary celebration following a day of fasting. Delight in Arabic mezze, refreshing salads, Ouzi, Shawarma, and delectable desserts, complemented by Ramadan-inspired beverages, as you partake in this exquisite dining affair that embodies the essence of the Holy Month.

Daily from sunset. AED 169 including water, soft drinks; AED 99 for kids. (20% discount for a minimum of 10 persons; 20% off early booking for first 10 days of Ramadan). For bookings, call 02 692 4222




Radisson Al Ain iftar offers in abu dhabi




Make your Iftar memorable with a lavish buffet featuring a fusion of Arabic, Indian, Western, and Asian flavours. Gourmands, break your fast with a tempting array of salads, heartwarming soups, and a delightful selection of hot and cold mezze. The highlight of the live stations is the traditional lamb ouzi, a must-try that adds a touch of authenticity. There is also a diverse spread of Middle Eastern and international dishes, including appetisers, mezze, and specialties crafted at various cooking stations. Don’t forget to save room for the irresistible desserts and sweets, complemented by refreshing Ramadan juices.

Daily from sunset to 10pm.AED 159 with Ramadan juices. Buy-two-get-one-free limited offer. For bookings, call 056 685 3832 Or 056 177 3494




Le Meridien Abu Dhabi Ramadan and iftar offers in abu dhabi


Latest Recipe


Embrace the spirit of Ramadan at Le Meridien Abu Dhabi where a memorable Iftar at Latest Recipe awaits. Break your fast in style with a diverse and mouthwatering selection at the global buffet. Start with traditional Ramadan juices, dates and delightful sweets. Savour hot soups, fresh salads, tempting Arabic mezze, and succulent mixed grills. Indulge in an array of desserts that add sweetness to your evening. Allow the rich flavors and warm atmosphere enhance your Ramadan experience this year.

Daily from sunset. AED 199 (with Ramadan juices, 20 per cent off first week of Ramadan); AED 179 (minimum of 10 persons); AED 159(minimum of 25 persons); AED 139(minimum of 50 persons). For bookings, call 056 688 5361




Iftar At Cyan Brasserie


Cyan Brasserie & Terrace


Indulge in the epitome of luxury dining at Cyan Brasserie, where each morsel tells a tale of culinary excellence. Embrace the tradition of breaking the fast with an opulent Iftar buffet, meticulously curated to enchant the palate. Delve into a symphony of flavours, blending Arabic Bedouin cuisine with global delicacies. Amid the lavish spread, relish live carving stations, succulent chebab, aromatic shawarma, and divine desserts. With an array of teas, coffees, and tantalizing Ramadan juices, Cyan Brasserie promises an unparalleled gastronomic journey that exceeds all expectations.

Daily from sunset to 9.30pm. AED 225. For bookings, call 050 765 6435




Ginger at Park Rotana Ramadan, Ramadan in Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi Ramadan


Ginger All Day Dining


Indulge in an opulent iftar affair amid the embrace of loved ones at Ginger All Day Dining, a haven of culinary extravagance within Park Rotana. Delight in an array of Middle Eastern and international gastronomic delights meticulously curated for discerning palates. With live culinary theatrics and a delectable dessert spectacle, this venue presents chic indoor and alfresco seating choices. Elevate your experience with bespoke iftar packages complemented by refreshing Ramadan libations, promising an unforgettable evening of luxury and gastronomic delight.

Daily from sunset. AED 189 per person; AED 99 for children aged seven-12 years old; complimentary for children aged six and below. Special rates available for group bookings of 20 or more. For bookings, call 02 657 3322




Saadiyat Beach Golf Club Ramadan Iftar


Saadiyat Majlis


Indulge in an opulent iftar affair at Saadiyat Majlis, where cherished moments with loved ones are enriched by panoramic views of Saadiyat Beach. Begin with traditional delights like lentil or harira soup, alongside an array of Arabic mezze, from creamy hummus moutabal to savory kibbeh. Savor main courses from the Oriental mixed grill or seafood platters, each a symphony of flavors. Conclude with decadent Arabic desserts like Umm Ali and baklawa, complemented by a selection of refreshing Arabic beverages such as unlimited laban, jallab, and kamardeen.

10 March – 10 April, daily from sunset to 10pm. AED 210 including Ramadan juices, soft drinks and water; AED 95 for children aged six-12 years old; complimentary for children aged five and under. For bookings call, 056 660 8780 




Yas Links Abu Dhabi


Yas Majlis


Gather with loved ones as the sun sets, enveloping the Yas Majlis dining room in a warm glow. Indulge in panoramic views of the mangroves and skyline while savouring a vibrant iftar. Delight in a lavish buffet featuring an array of hot and cold mezze, hearty soups, and fresh salads. Indulge in tantalising main courses like Oriental mixed grill platters and seafood delights. Save room for decadent desserts including homemade chocolate mud cake and traditional Umm Ali.

10 March – 10 April, daily from sunset to 10pm. AED 210 including Ramadan juices, soft drinks and water; AED 95 for children aged six-12 years old. Complimentary for children aged five and under. For bookings, call  02 404 3077 




Yas Acres Golf and Country Club Ramadan, Roots Restaurant


Roots Yas Acres


The epitome of sophistication and familial bliss intertwine seamlessly during this global Iftar affair. Set within the prestigious Yas Acres Golf and Country Club, this oasis beckons with culinary delights curated by masterful chefs. Indulge in Middle Eastern delicacies like shish tawook and succulent kebabs, complemented by international favourites such as pesto chicken and rich lamb stew. Simplify your soirée with Roots’ bespoke Ramadan menu, offering opulent dining experiences or exquisite takeaway hampers, meticulously tailored for your enjoyment. Advance reservations ensure a seamless gourmet journey.

10 March – 10 April, daily from sunset to 10pm. From AED 120 per person.  For bookings, call 050 757 4808 






Indulge in the true spirit of Ramadan with our opulent array of culinary delights. Delight in a fusion of authentic Arabic and international flavors, featuring tantalizing hot and cold mezze, a selection of vibrant salads and soul-warming soups. Indulge in hearty main courses like the exquisite lamb ouzi, savor live cooking demonstrations, succulent mixed grills, and freshly carved shawarma. Cap off your meal with a delectable range of traditional Arabic sweets, all while being serenaded by the enchanting melodies of a live Oud player. Join us at Saffron for a truly unforgettable Iftar experience.

Daily from 6.30pm to 10pm. AED 190. Children aged six to 12 years old will receive a 50% discount. For bookings, call 02 307 5553.




Marriot Hotel Al Forsan


Indulge in the perfect Iftar experience at Khayal. Embark on a culinary journey like no other with a sumptuous Iftar buffet featuring an array of traditional Arabic flavours and international delicacies. Meticulously crafted across six live stations, the menu is further complemented by a sushi counter, fresh juices, and authentic Ramadan beverages. Of course, don’t forget to save room for the decadent dessert stations boasting assorted treats, baklava towers, and indulgent ice cream selections.

Daily from sunset until 9.30pm. Prices AED 240 per adult, AED 95 per child. For bookings, call 02 201 4131




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Throughout the holy month of Ramadan, Wagamama is serving a specially curated selected menu featuring the best of its renowned Pan-Asian dishes. Diners can tuck into a wide array of tasty bites at any of its branches, with a range of mouthwatering sides, heartwarming soups, delightful main courses, tempting desserts, and much more. For couples, families, and friends coming to enjoy a shared feast, double up with two miso soups, two main dishes, two sides, two drinks, and two desserts for just AED 179 per couple.

Available throughout Ramadan. Prices AED 99 for a meal for one inclusive of a miso soup, one main course, one side, one drink, and one dessert, AED 179 for a meal for two inclusive of miso soups, two main dishes, two sides, two drinks, and two desserts. For reservations, call 02 679 7466.




The Abu Dhabi EDITION

Experience a memorable Iftar at Market with your loved ones with an exquisite set menu, thoughtfully curated by Chef Sheikha Hesa Al Khalifa. Renowned as a passionate food explorer and self-taught culinary virtuoso, Chef Sh. Hesa infuses each dish with her personal journey and a profound understanding of flavors. You don’t want to miss out!

Available during Ramadan, 6pm to 10pm. Price AED 220 per person. For reservations, call 02 208 0000 or morecravings.com/en/venues/market-at-edition




Marriot Downtown Abu Dhabi

Celebrate Ramadan and all its traditions with Arabian Nights at Kuzbara and and share the blessings of the Holy Month.  Whether it’s a family reunion, a gathering with friends, or a corporate iftar, the vibrant ambiance and spectacular spread will surely elevate this season’s experience.

Available 6pm to 10pm during Ramadan. Prices AED 190 for two, AED 95 for children aged six to 11. For reservations, call 02 304 7777




Fancy a unique Iftar? Then head on over to Emirates Park Zoo where the ‘eat & Feed’ Iftar promises to be an Iftar with a difference. Running for its third year for the entire month of Ramadan. Enter a truly magical world where families get together for a truly unforgettable adventure. This package includes zoo entry, a fabulous Iftar feast, and an exclusive chance to feed some animals too. Daily from sunset. AED 119. For more information and to book, visit Emirates Park Zoo


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