RAMADAN 2023: Expected reduced working hours in the capital and the UAE

The reduced hours will apply to both Muslims and non-Muslims.

There’s still time yet, but it’s worth thinking about Ramadan 2023 with astronomical calculations predicting Ramadan 2023 likely to begin on 23 March, lasting 29 days.

As is always the case, those in employment can expect shorter working days.

While the usual working days is eight hours, with an hour lunch, for those in the private sector, according to the UAE Labour law, working times are to be reduced during Ramadan by two hours for all employees, whether or not employees are Muslim and fasting or not.

It is expected that those working in federal entities will from 9am to 2.30pm, Monday to Thursday, and from 9am to 12pm on Fridays during Ramadan.

During Ramadan 2023, Muslims in Abu Dhabi will fast from dawn until dusk. The daily routine revolves around two meals: suhoor before dawn and iftar after sunset. Suhoor is a hearty meal that provides energy for the day, while iftar breaks the fast in the evening.

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Image source Pixabay


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