Abu Dhabi to Ajman bus: route, time, tickets and bus stations

Ajman to Abu Dhabi bus is already in operation.

It is hoped that the bus service from Abu Dhabi to Dubai will once again be ferrying passengers back and forth between the two cities next week, that is according to a source at Abu Dhabi Bus Station.

The route between the UAE’s two largest cities has been suspended since last year due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, aside from a one-way service that was operational during Eid Al Adha from the capital to Dubai.

The news comes as the Ajman Public Transport Authority (APTA) announced it will be running a total of four trips every day; two from Ajman to Abu Dhabi and two return trips.



Tickets will be priced at AED 35 for a single route with Masaar card users receiving a AED 5 discount.

The first bus departs Ajman from Al Musalla Station to Abu Dhabi Bus Station at 7am with the second at 6pm.

The return bus routes from the capital will leave at 10am and 9pm.

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Image Source RTA 


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