Destination IMKAN: Creating strong community bonds through unique destinations

Cove Beach Abu Dhabi and Sheikha Fatima Park are some of the soulful places the property development has created.

PARTNER CONTENT: Synonymous with ‘soulful places’, IMKAN, which is headquartered in Abu Dhabi, is so much more than a real estate development company. The creator of unique destinations through the ethos of community building, research is at the very heart of the company’s success in delivering developments that undoubtedly build strong community bonds.

Delving into the social behaviours, habits, and unique characteristics of the members of its collaborative communities – people who belong to a variety of fields ranging from fashion and food to design and technology, IMKAN has perfected the art of being the ultimate placemakers. The result of which shapes better living environments that promote happiness and wellbeing.

Sheikha Fatima Park is a prime example. Unquestionably a place to be for the capital’s leisure seekers, the Park perfectly reflects the IMKAN ethos of community building or ‘placemaking.’ Consequently, the Park imbues all the property developers’ ideals to create holistic living environments that stimulate the mind, body and soul for those who live and work in the bustling city of Abu Dhabi.

To further add authenticity and bolster a true community feel, IMKAN, in terms of the retailers located in the Park, has partnered with homegrown brands who share the property developer’s enthusiasm for creativity and a belief in the importance of building strong community bonds.

Recognising that the small businesses are the backbone of the UAE economy, IMKAN promotes entrepreneurship by backing unique business concepts in all developments, as showcased in Sheikha Fatima Park which has dedicated more than 10,000 square metres to retail and F&B – many of which are unique homegrown dining concepts ranging from boutique coffee shops to bespoke retail stores.

Located on Al Reem Island, Makers District is another example of IMKAN’s success as placemakers. The mixed-use masterplan community where creativity thrives year-round features more than 3,700 residential units, a boutique hotel, retail and F&B offerings as well as co-working spaces that make the beating heart of Abu Dhabi a destination for everyone.

Conceptualised from the ground up to evoke pure artistic ability, The – Artery is a multi-use building that redefines the way people create, exhibit, live, work and share, and Pixel is the company’s first mixed-use residential project in the district for creative entrepreneurs.

This unique destination is also home to the new Cove Beach at Makers District, a luxury lifestyle destination. The pristine shoreline of Makers District is the only swimmable beach on Al Reem Island. But the centerpiece is the public artwork, a piece called ‘Purl’. Created by renowned artist Jenny Sabin, the installation forms thousands of digitally knitted and robotically engineered fibre cells and cones that reflect light and absorb solar energy during the day, transferring the energy into glowing forms once the sun sets.

Nestled between Abu Dhabi and Dubai, AlJurf is IMKAN’s flagship development offering an integrated community connected to the natural environment. AlJurf adds a new layer of beauty to the existing landscape and is one of the company’s most impressive projects to date.

AlJurf offers a tranquil getaway – inviting stunning intervals of nature into every home, and ushering in a new concept of community living while seamlessly integrating the natural environment, protecting our heritage and becoming the seed for Sahel Al Emarat where the project is located. This meticulously designed residential community offering a much-needed escape from the chaos of the city.

The development is currently creating a community buzz on all levels, so much so that it has led to the launch AlJurf Gardens Phase 2 well ahead of schedule. Also, excellent progress continues to be made on the region’s first luxury wellness clinic, SHA Emirates in AlJurf.

The journey of creating strong community bonds continues as IMKAN deepens its research in order to create unique destinations with which it has become synonymous.




Later this year, IMKAN will open the first padel courts on Al Reem Island. In the understanding that leading a healthy and active lifestyle requires only the best facilities, Makers Padel Courts will feature four open-air floodlit zones for round-the-clock action.

In addition, there will be plenty of great facilities too including a private beach, changing rooms, showers and restaurants overlooking the Arabian Gulf.

Residents will get to enjoy lessons from qualified professionals in an environment that allows people to be active, make new friends and feel part of a vibrant community.

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