How to summer-proof your hair

Treat those locks with love as the UAE’s scorching summer weather approaches

Sunny days call for all things pools, beaches, and a host of sporting fun. However, the joys of summer also bring in the woes of haircare challenges. More often than not, the heat, humidity and sun exposure leave our hair looking dull, dry and lifeless.

Fortunately for you, Team Yalla’s here with a list of obvious tips that most people tend to ignore.

Firstly, hydration is key. Literally, we cannot emphasise that enough. Just like our skin, our hair needs to stay nourished and moisturised. That means, more water, regular oiling, and of course, tossing in a hydrating hair mask once a week to give your hair that extra boost.

Next up, heat protectants. Looking your best for events, both professional and personal, can understandably call for some styling. However, we are all privy to the damaging effects of hot tools, especially in the summer. Opt for air-drying, hair rollers, etc. in lieu of your straighteners. If you must use one, spray on some heat protectant generously to minimise damage.

Or honestly, hop on to TikTok for some of the quirkiest hacks to style without damage (looking at you, sock curling trend!).

While most people in the UAE tend to become homebodies when the temperatures go up, there is no getting around the sun exposure. What many underestimate is damage from the same, ending up with dry and brittle hair. Wearing a hat or scarf or using a leave-in conditioner with SPF protection can go a long way in protecting your locks from those nasty UV rays.

But of course, both tourists and residents alike are going to flock to the pools and beaches. Nothing beats a fun day of splashing around, but nothing feels worse than coarse sand grains or the smell of chlorine in your hair later. The answer to all your woes? Clarifying shampoo plus the most moisturising conditioner you can get your hands on.

Finally, that fresh summer cut is more than a style statement. Trims are essential to preventing split ends and breakage, keeping your hair fresh and light on your scalp. As far as possible, try and embrace natural styles that are easy to achieve and require minimal effort. Loose braids and buns, messy beach waves and headband looks are both style and summer friendly.

Prep your hair and habits now, reap the rewards of those flowing healthy tresses later!


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Image source Unsplash, Canva


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