HAIR OILING 101: A quick guide to getting those locks luscious

Hair oil hair care

Stimulate growth and strengthen your roots by following these tips.

Hair care is an essential part of self-grooming if you want to go into 2023 with a crowning beauty. From regular washing to essential oiling, here are several steps you need to follow for those luscious locks.

Now when it comes to oiling, some people don’t oil their hair enough, which causes dryness, dandruff and eventually hair fall. And others oil it too much, causing hair breakage – we’re looking at you desi mothers, with all that champi.

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But when done right, hair oiling can stimulate growth and strengthen your roots as well. One to two times a week is enough to get the blood circulation going. So without further ado, here’s everything you need to do to get that all-important strong hair.

The steps to long-lasting strong hair

Take your pick


Select the kind of oil you want to apply to your scalp. If you have dry and frizzy hair, go for coconut oil. If you’re looking for something to treat dandruff, then argan oil is your best bet. To stimulate hair growth, grab a bottle of castor oil.

Get your hands dirty


Once you’ve selected the oil you want to apply, heat it up. Warm oil penetrates deeper into the roots and keeps your scalp moisturised.

Using circular motions, massage your scalp with the oil. Desi mothers, this means that you can’t be vigorous and all that champi is no good.

Work your way across your scalp for a good 15 minutes. After you’re done, move towards the ends of your hair from the roots.

Heat it up!


After oiling, cover your head with a warm cloth. This will open the pores of your scalp and allow the oil to go deep within the roots, which will strengthen them. Make sure that the warm cloth on your head is not too tight as it can cause breakage.

You can then choose to leave the oil in your hair overnight or wash it a couple of hours later. But make sure you don’t wash it too soon. You need to let it sit in your scalp for at least one hour.

What to avoid?


Do not comb your hair after oiling either as it’s vulnerable at this point and can cause it to break. Be wary of using too much oil on your scalp as this means applying extra shampoo to wash it off, ripping you of any natural oils.


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