It’s an easy process to look as perfect as Ken!

With skincare for men gaining a bigger slice of the mainstream pie, who better than Pakistan’s first Ken Doll to share his handiest tips and tricks?

The first month of every new year is synonymous with fitness and healthy eating aspirations. With a healthy level of vanity being at the root of it all.

However, if looking good is all about feeling good, there is much more to that spectrum than building up pools of sweat at the gym.

According to Adnan Zafar, Pakistan’s first Ken Doll, your face and adequate skincare for it deserve to be the focal point this 2023. As the actual first impression you make on people, healthy and glowing skin can go a long way in working wonders on both mental and physical levels.

While the prospect of establishing a skincare routine may sound daunting, especially with a lingering taboo around men. If a proclivity for adapting to the times and being liberal is possible though, the actual regimen can be quite simple!

Far from an elaborate quest culminating in boles of product and desperate tears to get the steps right, it all pares down to just three words. Cleanse. Exfoliate. Moisturise.

As Adnan aptly states, there is a Ken in this world of Barbies to guide you through a skincare rich 2023. It is not just about pumping those muscles but also about plumping your skin.


Men Skincare Tips 2023 By Ken Doll




For glowing fresh skin, eight hours of sleep is a must. Every morning, I start the day with Dermalogica Special Cleanser, which removes all the sebum that your skin generates overnight.

Before leaving for work, using sunblock is highly recommended. BioDerma Aqua Fluide is my favourite, which is for normal to oily skin, with the creme-based version beer for dry skin. Once back home, it is imperative to wash your face again to remove the dirt and grime that accumulates throughout the day.

Follow this with a serum, which visibly improves the quality of your skin. Ideally, you should invest in two types of serum, the first being a Hyaluronic Acid serum. While it may sound aggressive, it is actually one of the lightest water-based serums that retain the moisture in your skin and makes it glow.

The second is a Vitamin C serum that helps with discolouration or uneven skin tones. BioLumin C serum by Dermalogica is a great option and can help you target those dark spots. As both serums are light, they can be used before applying sunblock for added benefits.


Men Skincare Tips 2023 By Ken Doll




Investing in the Foreo Luna Mini 3 Device is highly recommended. A cleanser device that promises to remove 99 per cent of dirt and dead skin from your face, the soft vibration also serves firming blood circulation to leave behind an amazing glow.

Available in black, it is the perfect accessory for men to keep handy in their gym bags. The Luna Mini 3 comes with a unique Glow Mode that can give you a speed glow just in 30 seconds. Any time of the day, all it takes is a few drops of your cleanser and voila!

Your night care routine is just as important, and here is where retinol comes in. It takes a while for the skin to get accustomed to retinol, so it is advised to begin using it once a week for the first fortnight.

You can then graduate to twice a week and even thrice until your skin can handle it. However, you have to use sunblock the next morning. Cleansing and moisturising aside, do not forget to exfoliate your skin once or twice a week to avoid clogged pores and clear out the blackheads.

With glowing skin that women cannot stop admiring now taken care of, Adnan has one last tip left to share. I would suggest you started using Cera Ve Renewing SA Cleanser, whether it is your armpits, elbows or neck. This will keep your entire skin tone clear and well-exfoliated.

And to all my body-builder brothers, switch out the baby oil for some Bio-Oil instead. Not only will it help your muscles gleam, but it will also help repair your skin, tighten it up and leave it feeling healthier than ever.

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With that, I wish you an incredible 2023. And remember, your face is your first impression, and it’s never too late to take care of your skin. Stay Glowing!


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