Prison Island – Beat the Bars launches another epic challenge

Ticket prices start from AED 125.

One of the capital’s favourite spots to test your mental and physical capabilities, Prison Island – Beat the Bars, has just added an absorbing experience for thrill seekers to enjoy.

Yes, the adventure rooms based on the third floor of Abu Dhabi Mall is introducing a new experience, Boxed In – Think In, to join the other 26 pulse poundings and mind-boggling challenges.

Containing over 80 challenges and puzzles, Boxed In – Think In will see you and your friends tackle 12 boxes where you must use all your problem-solving abilities and logical skills.


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With every box you complete, your team will receive token that will determine your final standing on the leaderboard.

However, you only have one hour so it is a battle against the clock as well as rival teams.

Tickets for Prison Island – Beat the Bars start from AED 125 for adults and AED 105 for children per hour.


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