REVIEW: Building memories at LEGOLAND Hotel Dubai

A riot of colour and fun awaits the whole family.

Are we there yet, are we there yet…?” chant the children on repeat. It’s a familiar singsong when travelling with an excited brood. And excited they are as we are off to the new LEGOLAND Hotel Dubai.

There are squeals of delight as we turn into Dubai Parks and Resorts and see the hotel coming into view. A striking riot of colour, the brightly painted bricks on the outside of the building shout we’ve arrived.

Opened in January, this is the first LEGO themed hotel in the region. Designed with kids in mind (and kids at heart), LEGO-loving Max, aged 9, and his sister, Alice, 6, are ecstatic to be guests for the night.




As you would expect, the lobby is bright, gregarious and fun! There’s a giant LEGO smoke-breathing dragon and play pit filled with countless, colourful bricks. After marvelling at the thousands of minifigures displayed behind the reception desk, Max and Alice quickly scatter and run to the play area: a huge turreted castle with a maze, pirate ship, rope swings and slides. An ingenious use of space, children are well entertained (it’s also supervised) while you check in, and even grab a coffee. Unlike reception areas in some other hotels, checking in with kids is a breeze.

The lobby also houses a Creative Workshop where children can sign up for LEGO building classes under guidance from experts. There’s also a daily programme of activities including quizzes, scavenger hunts and crafts. At the back of the hotel, an outdoor pool hosts a separate splash pad for little ones.




The adventure begins on the journey to your room. Once inside the lifts, clapping your hands starts a disco ball kicking off the party until you reach your floor. Each level is themed, and you can choose your preference when booking. Thanks to the inventive wall graphics and floors, children are cast into their own imaginative worlds of swashbuckling Pirates (floor 1), Adventure (floor 2), Ninja masters of LEGO NINJAGO and the pink and purple hues of LEGO Friends (floor 3). We stayed on floor 4 in a Kingdom room. Our “royal chamber” enjoyed motifs of castles, knights, and artistic LEGO owl and spider figures

Like LEGO itself, the rooms are rectangular and boast form and function with endless creativity thrown in. Brightly decorated, each room has a double bed and a separate nook for children, with bunk beds, “no adults” signs and television of their own to watch their favourite LEGO movies. Rooms can fit up to five guests – two adults and three children – so no need for extra beds (and no hidden extra costs). There are also suites and interconnecting rooms for larger parties. Upon entering your room, children do a treasure hunt, and once they find the clues and crack the code of the in-room safe, they are rewarded with their own prize pack of LEGO.




Bricks, the main restaurant, has a child-height buffet offering staples usually found on kids’ menus (chicken nuggets, fries, pizza, pasta, and an ice cream station), all served on unbreakable plates. There’s an adults buffet too, and though not a huge selection, the food is good.




All reservations include breakfast and day passes to one of the two neighbouring LEGO parks. Access to both LEGOLAND Dubai and LEGOLAND Water Park from the hotel is easy – just 130 baby steps! We opt for the theme park and not only revel in the attractions, but also join in the Junior Explorers event. Running until 24 April, fun activities include LEGO Artifact Build, Fossil Dig Pit and Sphinx’s Challenge.




Children are the VIPs here, not the adults. Everything is child-friendly from the low height of the check-in desk and buffet counter to the merry-go-round of activities, whimsical rooms, and snack vending machines on every floor.

Unsurprisingly, there is LEGO everywhere! The sheer scale is impressive. There are over 2,000 LEGO models that have been constructed out of more than 4.5 million bricks. You will keep noticing new details…watch out for the LEGO camel and incredible skyline cityscape made with over 57,900 pieces.

The proximity to the parks makes things easy. A stay with the kids becomes hassle-free, and the children won’t want to leave.


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