Bombyx Mori by Ola Maciejewska comes to Abu Dhabi

Bombyx Mori

The Arts Center at NYUAD plays host to another amazing show at The Red Theater on 7 March

Another show that is sure to capture the imagination of the Abu Dhabi public is being presented by The Arts Center when Bombyx Mori by Ola Maciejewska is performed live on Thursday, 7 March at The Red Theater.

This show is a captivating exploration of movement, drawing inspiration from the innovative work of modern dance pioneer Loïe Fuller. The performance delves into the interaction between the body and external elements such as lights, materials, and sound, challenging traditional notions of movement originating solely within the body.

The resulting dance unfolds with instant freezes, shape shifts, and outbursts, creating a dynamic and unpredictable visual experience. The piece cleverly alludes to the silk caterpillar, emphasizing its dependence on humans for survival.

Bombyx Mori navigates the edges of binary divisions, challenging concepts like body/object, physical/non-physical, human/nonhuman, and rational beings/irresponsible creatures.

Ola Maciejewska’s artistic approach is characterised by a strong interdisciplinary perspective on dance, rooted in research and controlled structural work. Her choreographic practice, particularly in re-reading Loïe Fuller’s iconic Serpentine Dances, offers a critical examination of dance history.

Having been associated with the Centre Chorégraphique National de Caen in Normandie and conducting research on the scenography of Rolf Borzik in the Pina Bausch Foundation’s archives, Maciejewska has a rich background in the dance and art world.

Her efforts in sharing her research, including engagements with institutions like HEAD School of Art and Design – Geneva and École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts – Limoges, showcase her commitment to knowledge dissemination.

Her ongoing work involving serpentine dances, focusing on the convergence of dance and visual art, exemplifies her dedication to pushing artistic boundaries.

The support from institutions like the Watermill Center and Dance Reflections by Van Cleef & Arpels highlights the recognition of her contributions to the artistic landscape.

Make sure to catch this captivating performance when it is performed live at The Red Theater next week.

For further information or to book tickets, visit nyuad-artscenter.org



7 March


The Red Theater


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Image source NYUAD Arts Center

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