SEA & SALT INDULGENCE: Indulge in one of the world’s finest oysters at the Catch at St. Regis

Savour the unique charm of Gillardeau Oysters, one of the most luxurious, iconic and prestigious shellfish varieties in the world

PARTNER CONTENT: If seafood is what you crave, prepare yourself for this incredibly unique and delightful tasting journey celebrating one of the most flavourful seafood you can find.

The Catch at St. Regis, the sophisticated seafood and fine-dining restaurant, is thrilled to invite you to the “Sea & Salt Indulgence” experience to savour the unique charm of Gillardeau Oysters, one of the most luxurious, iconic and prestigious shellfish varieties in the world.

Truly a crème de la crème of the sea, Gillardeau Oysters are widely acclaimed among oyster lovers around the world and prized for their exceptional quality and taste.

Originating from the Marennes-Oléron region in western France, the distinctive oysters have been farmed by the Gillardeau family, whose renowned family-owned oyster company has been passing on their expertise and traditional methods for oyster farming through several generations since 1898.

With great care, the company’s oyster farmers harvest the oysters by hand, selecting only the finest pieces for their superior taste, texture and appearance, ensuring that only the finest specimens are sold under the Gillardeau name.

Over the years the family has perfected extraordinary oyster delicacies and the Catch at St. Regis is proud to be the only restaurant in Abu Dhabi to serve the exquisite French gastronomic heritage.

As you walk into the restaurant, prepare to immerse your senses in the seductive allure of Gillardeau Oysters, with their plump, meaty texture and a distinctively sweet and nutty flavour that will transport you straight to seafood heaven.

The expert culinary team at the Catch at St. Regis presents each Gillardeau oyster with minimal garnishes. Why, you may ask? That’s because this technique allows the naturally subtle yet refined flavour of each shellfish to shine through.


Gillardeau Oysters At Catch At St Regis Abu Dhabi


Each guest is treated to a tantalising trio of Gillardeau oysters, adorned with fruity apple brunoise and agrumes pearl, exotic yuzu togarashi and radish condiment, and crisp oyster cress.

To complement these seafood gems, the Catch at St. Regis has crafted an exclusive mixed drink specially prepared for the occasion. The refreshing multi-sensory concoction is sure to engross you deeply in this unique culinary seafood journey, adding a new layer of rich, complex flavours.

To enhance the magnificent evening, the sophisticated ambiance and the breathtaking view of the Arabian Gulf will mesmerise and immerse you further into this exceptional culinary experience. Attentive hosts are at your service, ensuring every need is met with utmost care and discretion, leaving you free to focus on the moment and let your taste buds indulge in the ocean’s most seductive delights.

The Sea & Salt Indulgence experience is available from Thursday to Saturday throughout May, from AED 95 for three Gillardeau oysters and AED 145 for three Gillardeau oysters and ‘The Sea Wave’ mixed drink.


For more information or to book your table, call 02 694 4553 or email [email protected]

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Image source The St. Regis Abu Dhabi

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