With Air Arabia now flying directly to Amman, here are top seven destinations to visit in Jordan’s capital

It is a perfect destination for Abu Dhabi travellers looking for a quick getaway

Looking for a quick getaway to somewhere teeming with life, history and culture?

You’re in luck as starting this week Abu Dhabi travellers can fly direct to Amman, the beautiful, bustling capital city of Jordan that boasts ancient sites, world-class museums and incredible cuisine.

Budget airline Air Arabia Abu Dhabi is flying three times a week to Amman, departing from Abu Dhabi at 1.20pm every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday. Return flights to Abu Dhabi depart at 4.45pm on the same day.

With its rich history and vibrant culture, Amman is a perfect destination for Abu Dhabi travellers looking for a quick holiday on a budget. Whether you’re planning a two-day escapade or a week-long adventure, Jordan has plenty of choices for an unforgettable visit, from ancient archaeological ruins that promise to take you back in time, to the city’s many art galleries and museums.

To make things easier for your next adventure, here are some of the top must-visit destinations in Amman you should add to your travel bucket list.


1. Discover hidden secrets of the Amman Citadel


Perched atop Amman’s highest hill, it’s hard to miss this ancient Roman city that also features remnants of the Byzantine and Umayyad periods. From its vantage point in downtown Amman, the place also offers stunning views of the capital.

There’s much to explore, but one that will definitely stand out is the Temple of Hercules, with its two massive pillars on a podium. Other interesting sights are the Umayyad Palace complex and a Byzantine Church marked by distinctive Corinthian columns dating back from the 6th or 7th century AD.

The Amman Citadel is also home to the Jordan Archaeological Museum, where you can find many more artefacts from the Citadel and other Jordanian historic sites.


2. Visit the Roman Theatre


One of Amman’s most famous landmarks, the Roman Theatre is a 6,000-seat theatre built in the 2nd century when the city was still known as Philadelphia.

The architectural masterpiece gives you a glimpse of the city’s entertainment scene 2,000 years ago, but today it also hosts major concerts, plays and other important cultural events. While at the site, don’t forget to visit the Jordan Museum of Popular Traditions and the Jordan Folklore Museum, which features costumes and items of daily life, weapons, and musical instruments from the 19th and early 20th centuries.


3. People watching on Rainbow Street


Located in the heart of the city, Rainbow Street is perfect for a relaxing stroll amid souvenir shops, restaurants and vibrant architecture.

And if you love people watching, Rainbow Street is the place to be. The famous street is a favourite destination of people who want to escape the chaotic traffic, drawing visitors from all walks of life, from weary locals to curious tourists from all around the world.

Thursday nights are when Rainbow Street starts to really come alive, with people visiting the street looking to kick off their weekend.

The street is also home to important historical sites as well as art galleries, including the Nabad Art Gallery.


4. Get pampered at Amman’s spas


You don’t have to travel all the way to the Dead Sea to enjoy a relaxing spa. Amman has its own collection of wellness destinations that offer a rejuvenating experience using bathing traditions that are hundreds of years old.

At the city’s hammams, traditional spas that are also known as Turkish bathhouses, you can experience traditional bathing and cleansing rituals that offer plenty of healing benefits, including helping soothe muscle pain and boost circulation.

5. Drop by the Royal Automobile Museum


For all the car geeks out there, Amman has a special place for you as well.

While the Royal Automobile Museum features a collection of vehicles that have plied the streets of Jordan, including former King of Jordan Hussein bin Talal’s rare cavalcade of cars, it also showcases vintage automobiles from around the world, including a World War I-era armoured Rolls Royce and an experimental motorcycle from 1885.

You can even find the Mars rover used in the 2015 film The Martian, which was filmed in Jordan’s Wadi Rum valley.


6. Connect with local art at the Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts


If you want to delve deeper into Jordanian arts, the Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts should be high on your visit list.

The museum features a unique collection of artworks by contemporary artists from Jordan as well as those from other countries. The permanent collection includes more than 3,000 works, such as paintings, multimedia creations, photography, weaving, and sculptures from artists in more than 70 countries.

If you want to engage with the local community even more, you can time your visit to coincide with the various events hosted by the museum, including lectures, seminars, and workshops.


7. Head out to the beach


If the more expensive options of the Dead Sea’s main resort strip are not within your budget, fret not, there is a more affordable way to access the popular destination.

The public Amman Beach is where you should go. The well-maintained public beach has plenty of amenities, including restaurants with open-air dining, swimming pools, an amusement park and even sports facilities, giving travellers lots of options for a beach getaway.

With affordable flights now connecting Abu Dhabi and Amman, it’s truly a great time to discover new travel destinations in one of the region’s most culturally and historically fascinating capital cities. From its ancient Roman ruins and beautiful architecture to its bustling streets and art scene, there is something for everyone in Amman.

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