Here’s how you can access the hidden gems of the UAE

Wondering how to get to that Instagrammable location in Abu Dhabi? Look no further!

How many times have you read about some of the ‘hidden gems’ in the UAE but have been unable to find them? Now, you won’t have to worry.

Accessing these ‘hidden gems’ is going to be a lot easier this season with the launch of a website under the World’s Coolest Winter campaign. From popular cycling paths to hiking tracks to picturesque islands, to local souks, every detail for a fabulous outdoor experience will be just a click away.

The theme for this year’s edition is centred on ‘Our Heritage’ highlighting the rich Emirati values of hospitality, tolerance, and solidarity.

The website offers information about the most important tourist attractions in each emirate in both Arabic and English languages.

It has also listed down some of the best attractions in Abu Dhabi such as Souq Al Qattara, Al Maqtaa Fort, Al Jahili Fort and much more.

Information on caravan camping is also available.


For more information, visit worldscoolestwinter.ae/en

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Image source Canva, Louvre and Yas Island

Shaheera Anwar

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