Take These Ten Tips and Call Us in the Morning!

Most of us are struggling now, trying to meet the demands of working, homeschooling and generally trying to remain optimistic. So, Yalla turned to an expert for some tips.

Dr. Vedrana Mladina, Associate Director of Counseling at New York University, Abu Dhabi has shared ten tips to maintain the health and well being of individuals during this challenging time.

1) Control the controllables: Maintain your daily routine as much as possible and focus on what you can control.

2) Make sure to stay healthy instead of waiting to get sick: Waiting to get sick/ thinking about it will only increase stress and anxiety and won’t help you stay healthy.

3) Decreasing stress levels will boost your immune system: Engage in relaxing activities and positive distractions to decrease your stress levels

4) Check the facts: Limit exposure to newsfeeds and social media to a few times a day and to reliable sources only.

5) Be concerned, but don’t panic: It is absolutely normal to be concerned at this time, but there is no reason to panic.

6) Stay in touch with family and friends: Hearing directly and regularly from family and friends is going to reduce your


7) Put things into perspective: Remember that this is a temporary situation and it will end eventually.

8) Support others: Helping and supporting others in difficult times helps us feel happy and useful.

9) Replace judgment with compassion: People react differently to hardship and it’s important to stay compassionate and understanding and not be judgmental or critical of one another.

10) Make a wish list: Make a list of all the things (big and small) you want to be doing once the outbreak is over and look forward to it!

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