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As the pandemic continues, the latest NYUAD performance Thousand Ways helps you discover what it means to meet someone during times of isolation in this enthralling, and imaginative experience. 

600 Highwaymen, return to The Arts Center with their new remote theater experience.

With two people and a telephone, a new type of performance emerges in a poetic work presented by Award-winning theatre company 600 HIGHWAYMEN. Take part in a one-on-one experience over the telephone. Designed around physical distancing guidelines, Part 1 is the first in the three part series that makes up A Thousand Ways.

Discover a new connection in a poetic work presented by award-winning theater artists 600 HIGHWAYMEN. Take part in an interactive experience and discover what it means to create connection in times of isolation in this enthralling, and imaginative work.

A Thousand Ways delivers us from isolation to connection. Discover how a simple meeting can build a memorable connection. Everything we need is already here, just you and me.

You call in. Once you arrive, you’ll be greeted by a robotic host voice and then the other participant joins. The voice then prompts you through an imaginative experience with dramatic visualizations.

Designed around physical distancing guidelines, A Phone Call is the first in the three part series that makes up A Thousand Ways. You pick up the phone. Someone is on the line. You don’t know their name, and you still won’t when the hour is over. Yet, a portrait of the person will emerge through fleeting moments of interaction. You will work together, guided by recorded instructions that transform social interaction into an unexpected journey.

“I was really impacted by the emotional journey I took. It is also one of the most enjoyable “virtual” theatre experiences I have had, not imitating theater, but a wholly new form in and of itself. It is a show I would “attend” multiple times.” – Audience Member

In the future, An Encounter and An Assembly (parts 2 and 3 of A Thousand Ways) will also be presented at The Arts Center. The pieces have been created to work collectively or independently. You can attend only one or be a part of any two, or all three.


Wednesday, October 7 – Sunday, October 18 (Various times)

To get tickets and to find out more, go to NYUAD Performances

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