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MindChamps Nursery


MindChamps is a leading global early learning childhood education provider.

With an internationally recognised and science-backed curriculum supported by a passionate team of dedicated and qualified teachers, MindChamps offers your little champ the right start to a successful future.

MindChamps is founded on the DNA of Success – proven datum that the ability to learn and grow is encoded in our DNA. We know that every individual child that walks through our doors has virtually infinite potential that is waiting to be unlocked. In fact, we at MindChamps know that the first 15 years of our life experiences are the most significant in turning potential into reality, and our curriculum is built around this understanding.

Developed for the 21st century, our curriculum is multi-disciplinary, combining breakthrough research in the areas of Neuroscience, Child Psychology and Theatre blended with Education.



02 610 9666
Bloom Gardens

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