Al Ain spearheads research into how coffee grounds can be turned into fuel

Apart from tasting great, coffee beans have many other uses and are energy rich.

There are not many of us who can start the working week without a strong cup of coffee. And in this part of the world, Arabic or Turkish coffee is very popular.

But what about the grounds left in those coffee cans once the black nectar has been drunk?

Well, according to a report on the UAE’s  news portal The National News, dated 17 January, such coffee grounds “could power the future”.

According to the report, an incredible 10 million tons of the black stuff is generated globally each year, much of which ending up in landfill sites.

But the report goes on to say how UAE scientists are among those researching how the humble bean, and grounds, could be used for fuel.

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One such scientist is based here in Abu Dhabi, or Al Ain to be exact.

Dr. Eyas Mahmoud, from the department of chemical and petroleum engineering at UAE University in Al Ain, said to The National News that “spent coffee grounds have been proven to be a potential feedstock to produce biodiesel, biogas, bioethanol, fuel pellets and bio-oil, besides their promising potential to produce bioactive compounds, absorbents, compost and polymers.”

The report pointed out how researchers had said that “processing the grounds offered environmental benefits, created jobs and produced many “value-added” products.”

So the next time you have that cup of coffee, perhaps we should all think how it could be better used before we throw it away.

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