SKATEBOARDING IN ABU DHABI: Where to find the best spots for skaters

Abu Dhabi’s skateboarders are thriving as the city offers top-notch facilities and a supportive community

Against Abu Dhabi’s glittering skyline, you’ll find them in groups decked out in their gear, their boards at their feet, and their energy palpable with a potent mixture of adrenaline, excitement, and pure freedom. The skateboarding subculture may have, in past years, thrived in the city’s nooks and corners, but now skateboarders are out and about across multiple prominent locations in Abu Dhabi, proudly displaying their individuality for the world to see.

With the community of skateboarders in the capital growing, Abu Dhabi has likewise seen a rise in skateboarding parks springing up across the city. And because skateboards are affordably priced from as low as AED 50 to AED 500, you can count on the fact that there’s going to be a steady flock of new converts to the capital’s skateboarding movement.

In fact, one of the more recent ones, Circuit X Al Hudayriyat Island, recently hosted a skateboarding competition attended by eager enthusiasts of all levels, from beginners and intermediate to many of the top skateboarders from the UAE.

Abu Dhabi also has many other dedicated venues where skateboards young and old turn up every day to practise gravity-defying tricks and fancy manoeuvres to the delight of adoring crowds.

Corniche Skatepark is one of the most famous and accessible in the city. It is also perfect for families with a range of safe play areas, barbecue pits and activities to enjoy within the beachfront location. There is also Reem Central Park, an outdoor family destination that features a dedicated skateboard park amid fantastic views of the sea and mangroves.

The massive Sheikha Fatima Park, located in the heart of the city, also has a haven for skateboarders within its adventure zone. Other favourite destinations in the city with dedicated skateboard parks are Yas South Park and West Yas Park.

For many enthusiasts, skateboarding is a way of life that provides an escape from the pressures of daily life, and it is reassuring that Abu Dhabi is warmly embracing the community with a growing number of venues for skateboarders to safely congregate and perfect their 360s and kickflips.


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