FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022: The official match ball has been released and it’s a beauty

The draw for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 will be held tomorrow.

The official match ball for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 has been revealed.

Designed by Adidas for the 14th successive tournament, Al Rihla, will travel faster in flight than any ball in the competition’s history.

Meaning “the journey” in Arabic, the ball is inspired by the culture, architecture, iconic boats and flag of Qatar with bold, vibrant colours set on a pearlescent background, representing the FIFA World Cup host country and the ever-increasing speed of the game.




The textured PU skin with a new 20-piece panel shape is meant to help with accuracy and reliability on the field of play.

Sustainability was also taken into the account when designing with the Al Rihla being the first FIFA World Cup ball to be made exclusively with water-based inks and glues.

Speaking on the design, Jean-François Pathy, FIFA’s Director of Marketing, said; “This is a stunning, sustainable and high-quality official match ball from Adidas that will be enjoyed by stars performing at the top of their game on the world’s biggest stage in Qatar, as well as grassroots players everywhere.

“Al Rihla’s worldwide journey will represent the incredible reach of the FIFA World Cup and give fans a unique opportunity to engage with the event as excitement builds ahead of the big kick-off.”

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The ball will now go on a 10-city tour across the globe including Dubai.

It is the latest piece of exciting news from the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 with the draw for the tournament due to be conducted tomorrow (1 April).

Some 27 teams have qualified for the 32-team tournament with the UAE still battling for a place after securing their spot in the AFC fourth qualification round.

The country will face-off against Australia on 7 June in Doha.


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