Ramadan 2022: Iftar tents will use Al Hosn green pass system

The expected date of Ramadan 2022 is 2 April.

You must present a green pass on your Al Hosn app in order to enter any Iftar tent during the Holy Month of Ramadan it has been announced.

The measure will see the green pass system enforced according to the rules of each separate emirate.

The news comes as the National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority (NCEMA) revealed the protocol for the set-up of Iftar tents for Ramadan 2022.

It stated that Iftar tents should open two hours before the time of Iftar (Maghrib call to prayer), to avoid congestion, with organisers compelled to provide masks and sterilisation tools and to direct people to adhere to all precautionary and preventive measures, including mask-wearing, physical distancing, and constant hand sterilisation.



According to the protocol, Iftar tents must be designed in the form of a canopy that is open from all sides or be air-conditioned and must use disposable tables and cutlery with attendees being at least one-metre apart.

Ramadan 2022 is expected to begin on 2 April with the working hours for federal government employees announced to be 9am to 2pm from Monday and Thursday and from 9am until midday on Fridays.

Many hotels and restaurants have revealed their Iftar and Suhoor happenings as the UAE gets ready to mark Ramadan.


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