Join community events at 421 Arts Campus this Ramadan in Abu Dhabi

The exciting programme includes trivia nights, hands-on workshops and open mic poetry readings

PARTNER CONTENT: If you are looking to embrace the Holy Month of Ramadan in Abu Dhabi to the fullest then you need to check out the array of events that are being presented with 421 Arts Campus. 

Visitors to 421 in Mina Zayed can embrace themes of community, reflection, and connection through a dedicated programme of events. 

Some of the biggest highlights includes a special Ramadan edition of the Khayal Series, offering storytime and craft sessions for children and families centered around themes of kindness, sharing, and family iftars throughout the holy month. 

Alongside this, 421 Arts Campus will also be hosting themed Suhoor activations that bring designers, artists and film enthusiasts for late night community-connections. This includes fun activities like trivia nights, hands-on workshops, and open mic poetry readings.  

Running in tandem with the Ramadan programme are their current exhibitions, Network Culture and Hana El-Sagini: Counting Fingers. 


Khayal Series: Ramadan Storytime 

23 March and 5 April, 2pm to 4pm 

Khayal Series: Ramadan Storytime 421 Abu Dhabi

Open to families with children aged 6 and above, these sessions revolve around reading books with themes related to Ramadan and exploring the concepts of generosity and community spirit. Following the reading session, participants will take part in discussions focusing on gratitude, sharing, acts of kindness, and the cherished traditions of giving during Ramadan. Each session will also feature a craft or baking activity such as making crescent butter cookies or creating Eid cards.   

Parents and guardians are welcome to join the session and support their little ones. Free admission.  


Film Lovers’ Suhoor and trivia night 

16 March, 9pm to 11pm 

421 Abu Dhabi

A late-night gathering with fellow film enthusiasts in the community for a suhoor filled with your favorite cinema moments! Enjoy a Jeopardy-style trivia night hosted by Ali G, where you can flex your fingers to buzz in first and share all your movie knowledge. From the Wizarding World to the animated realms and, of course, iconic films from the 90s, get ready for a night of fun and friendly competition. 

Open to ages 16 years and above. Free admission.  


Spring Club 

25 – 29 March, 10.30 am to 1 pm 

421 Abu Dhabi The Spring Club

The 421 Spring Club encourages young participants to create their projects using sustainable practices, incorporating eco-friendly materials and techniques. Through this focus, children will not only nurture their creative skills but also learn to be mindful stewards of our planet. 

Designed for children ages 6 to 10 and 11 to 14, Spring Club invites young artists of all skill sets and interests to an unforgettable journey of self-expression and imaginative discovery. For more information and to make your booking, click here for ages 6 to 10 and here for ages 11 to 14. 


Writers’ Suhoor 

28 March, 9 pm to 11pm 

Wrtiers Suhoor at 421 Abu Dhabi

A gathering for wordsmiths, to exchange writings, engage in zine-making activities, and connect over food. 

This is the perfect chance to share your experiences, and exchange ideas while connecting with fellow writers who understand your writing journey. The night will also include a zine-making workshop where you would be creating mini self-published works to take home. 

Open to ages 16 years and above. Free admission.  


Designers’ Suhoor 

30 March, 9pm to 11pm 

Designers Suhoor at 421 Abu Dhabi

Whether you’re a visual artist, interior designer, digital creator, or an enthusiast of all things design, this event is for you. 

Dedicated to designers working across various practices, this suhoor is perfect to share experiences, learn from each other and connect over food.  

The night will also feature an engaging outdoor workshop where designers share a little bit about their practice through fostering community engagement and activations. It’s a chance to network, share challenges and also explore uncharted design territories. 

Open to ages 16 years and above. Free admission.  


Hana El-Sagini: Counting Fingers

On view until 28 April, Gallery 1 

Hana El-Sagini Counting Fingers at 421 Abu Dhabi

In this major solo exhibition, Hana El-Sagini presents a newly commissioned large-scale installation rooted in the instability and fragility of the human experience. 

The installation showcases over 200 fantastical ceramic objects, culminating in surreal sculptures and structures that replicate and reimagine healthcare spaces, such as medical waiting rooms, hospital corridors, and doctors’ offices. 

El-Sagini is a participant in the 2024 cycle of the 421 Artistic Development Program, organised in partnership with The Institute for Emerging Art. Free admission.  


Network Culture

On view until 28 April, Gallery 2 

Network Culture at 421 Abu Dhabi

This exhibition presents projects by participants in the Homebound Residency Program. Celebrating the work and explorations that took place over the course of the past three years, Network Culture includes projects by twelve participating artists and creative practitioners whose practices have evolved and extended beyond the parameters of the programme. 

Network Culture is not only a celebration of the work produced during the programme but also an acknowledgement of the importance of community in artistic practice. Free admission.  


For further information, visit 421.online 

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