Yalla – Abu Dhabi Life magazine Edition 19 is out now

All you need to know about Abu Dhabi and beyond.

There goes summer and it can mean only thing – yes, more tolerable temperatures, but more importantly, Yalla – Abu Dhabi Life is back after the summer hiatus.

Yalla – Abu Dhabi Life magazine is heading to the bookshelves of Waitrose and Spinneys across Abu Dhabi and Dubai, not to mention at selected, premium locations countrywide.

Step inside and turn the pages to get to know Abu Dhabi even better.

For art lovers, there’s lots going on and we highlight the best from The Art Center NYU Abu Dhabi’s Season 8 and talk to Bill Bragin who is helping to put dance on the map of the UAE.

The Art Gallery at NYUD is also featured and we bring you an expose on a rather unique and ground-breaking exhibition that is currently on show at the center.

Yalla - Abu Dhabi Life Magazine Edition 19 (September 2022)

Foodies can also delight in a plethora of dining options across Abu Dhabi and Dubai where you get to rejoice in some of the best, gourmet offering around.

We also shine a light on the falcon, a bird of prey that is integral to the history of the UAE and we bring space back to the fore as the UAE space programme takes further leaps into the unknown.

There’s so much more of course.  Just turn the pages and find out.

To find out what’s happening in Abu Dhabi, visit Yalla – Abu Dhabi Life

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