Watch: Rare sighting of orcas off Abu Dhabi’s coast

Abu Dhabi fishermen in rare sighting of elusive orcas discover an even more extraordinary sea event

An extraordinary event took place off Abu Dhabi’s coast, as fishermen found themselves in a rare encounter with a pair of orcas.

The incredible experience with the elusive sea creatures happened around 1.30pm on Tuesday, the fishermen told Abu Dhabi media.

There have been many accounts of whale sightings in Abu Dhabi, including a rescued whale shark that successfully returned to Arabian Gulf, but Tuesday’s whale encounter saw an even more extraordinary event unfolding.

One of the men who witnessed the sea spectacle told the media the orcas were circling a dugong or sea cow that was trying to get away from the orcas, also known as killer whales.

The orcas were also seen pulling the dugong underwater and tossing it to the surface.

An abandoned young dugong was also recently found in Abu Dhabi’s waters alone without its mother. Thankfully, the young calf was rescued and rehabilitated by the Environment Agency Abu Dhabi.

The men, who are part of an angling group called Just Fishing, took videos of the encounter and posted it on social media and reported the event to the authorities. A video of the orca encounter was posted by Dean Morris on Instagram.



The National Aquarium Abu Dhabi and environmentalists, who saw the video on social media, later told the fishermen that one of the whales was an adult orca.

If you do find yourself in a rare encounter with these sea creatures, environmentalists advise to keep a safe distance and report the sighting to the authorities.

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Image/ video source Dean Morris

Jobannie Tabada