UAE residents travelling to England will need to present a special vaccine certificate

The certificate can be downloaded from the Al Hosn app for UAE residents travelling to England.

A special vaccine certificate will now be needed by all UAE residents travelling to England it has been announced.

From today (28 February), England will only accept the equivalent of the EU Digital Covid Certificate for UAE residents.

Travellers going to the UK must obtain the aforementioned certificate from the ‘Travel Pass Vaccination’ section on the Al Hosn app.

The green pass that is used to enter commercial premises in Abu Dhabi will not be approved UK authorities.



It is the latest in a series of announcements relating to COVID-19 measures that affect UAE residents.

From last Saturday (26 February), residents in Abu Dhabi do not have to wear facemasks outdoors, with the requirement to wear a wristband for new COVID-19 cases during home quarantine and quarantine for those in close contact with COVID-19 cases also being removed.


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