UAE travellers, you won’t need a visa for this country soon

Armenia-Uae Visa Free

Time to start planning the next getaway

With a long weekend coming up soon, here’s a destination you can jet off to – visa-free!

Following a recent meeting, the UAE and Armenia have reached an agreement around visa-free travel rules for citizens of the two countries.



This means over 40 nationalities can travel to Armenia visa-free, including those from the UAE, as per the visa-free arrival list put up by the authority.

For UAE citizens, this means no visa for a stay of 180 days in the country per year. However, citizens from Armenia still require a visa to enter the UAE.

Indian nationals living and working in the UAE can get a visa on arrival as usual, pending a valid UAE visa or Emirates ID. The same applies to nationals of the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and Egypt living and working in the UAE.

Time for a quick getaway maybe?


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