No PCR tests needed for 30 days for recently recovered COVID-19 cases

The change is effective immediately.

If you have recently recovered from COVID-19, you probably have noticed a new symbol on your Al Hosn app.

A crossed-out syringe will show on your Al Hosn app indicating that you are a recovered case from the disease.

Taking to its social media pages, the Al Hosn app revealed that members of the public who have the crossed-out symbol, will have a green status for 30 days on their Al Hosn app and therefore will not need to undergo PCR tests to maintain the pass during that period.


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After the 30-day time period, you will need to undergo a negative PCR test every 14 days to retain the green status.

The symbol on the Al Hosn app will also mean you are exempt from vaccination requirements for 90 days.


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Once that time period has elapsed, you will need the necessary COVID-19 booster to retain the green status on your Al Hosn app.


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