It could be a nine-day break for the UAE this Eid al-Fitr

Eid holiday

Eid al-Fitr holidays 2024 could just be the longest break of the year for the UAE subject to the UAE’s moon-sighting committee’s announcement

A long Eid al-Fitr weekend is in the offing!

According to astronomical calculations, Eid will fall on Wednesday, 1 Shawwal, and the Holy Month is 30 days long, which means Ramadan is likely to end on Monday, 8 April. Which effectively means a nine-day break, including the weekends before and after, leading to the longest break of the year from 6-14 April.

However, if Ramadan lasts only 29 days and Eid falls on Tuesday, 9 April, the UAE will still get a six-day break. The holidays will start from Monday, 8 April until Thursday, 11 April, when you’ll be off work. Combine that with the preceding weekend which starts on Saturday, 6 April, and voila, you’ve nearly got a week of holidays. Or you could take the Friday off and keep the longer break anyway!

Of course, it will be the UAE’s moon-sighting committee that will make the official decision on the exact date of the first day of Shawwal.

Another possibility could be the initial predictions made by the Emirates Astronomical Association.

Ibrahim Al Jarwan, the association’s Chairman, forecasted that Eid Al Fitr will likely begin on 10 April, which is a Wednesday.

While we await official confirmations, take a look at our curated list of fabulous staycays across the UAE if you’re looking for a short getaway within the country. Or if you’re looking to unwind outside the country instead, we’ve got you covered with some exciting getaways in Oman and in India.

Watch this space for more updates!


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