ADAFSA launches a new sustainable honey production programme in Abu Dhabi

On World Bee Day, they’ve begun eighth-generation queen production for the Emirati bee breed

Snobee about your honey? It’s about to take on local and sustainable shades thanks to Abu Dhabi’s latest programme!

The Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority (ADAFSA) has launched an ambitious programme to develop and sustain beekeeping and honey production in the UAE capital.

The programme is based on scientific and applied studies and research to develop the best methods and practices suitable for the UAE environment.

The announcement was made on World Bee Day, along with the commencement of the eighth-generation queen production for the Emirati bee breed. Developed as part of the ongoing project to enhance beekeeping and honey production, this initiative aligns with the day’s theme of ‘Bee engaged in pollinator-friendly agricultural production’.

Saeed Ali Al Yamahi, ADAFSA’s Research and Development Division Director, emphasised the significance of developing the Emirati bee breed as a key factor in ensuring the sustainability of beekeeping in the UAE.

This entails focusing on the breeding and production of queen bees capable of adapting to the country’s unique environment and climate.

So far, they have successfully developed an Emirati bee breed that exhibits distinctive traits, including smaller-sized female worker bees that display exceptional diligence in nectar collection.

So far, ADAFSA has distributed over 2,700 queens to 90 Emirati beekeepers. This initiative aimed to support beekeepers and boost honey production while encouraging more breeders to actively contribute to the development and sustainability of this crucial sector.

Al Yamahi also highlighted the significance of beekeeping and honey production as an integral component of sustainable agricultural development, playing a crucial role in supporting the food security system.

Honey, being a highly nutritious food product, holds substantial value. Additionally, beekeeping has significant environmental importance in maintaining ecosystem balance.

So it won’t be long now before the UAE reaches self-sufficient levels of honey production!


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