Abu Dhabi’s first indoor dog gym opens on Reem Island

The first workout session is free.

The summer is here so it’s time to get that summer body for your dog in Abu Dhabi.

Yes, your dog can get into shape alongside you this season with the opening of the UAE’s first indoor dog gym on Reem Island.

Posh Pets located in Baheen Tower will see your pupper be able to gain those oh so sweet endorphins by tip toing (or bounding) on a specially made dog treadmill, safe from the summer heat.


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Dogs won’t have to run as the treadmills are mechanical meaning if they want to saunter or sprint it is entirely up to them.

Open from 1pm to 9pm, the first workout is free-of-charge before being priced at a AED 1 per minute thereafter.

Now that is a real summer treat.


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