New terminal to be tested out in Abu Dhabi Airport

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6000 community volunteers will test out the new facilities at ADA

Preparations are ramping up for the opening of the new Midfield Terminal at Abu Dhabi Airport with 6000 community volunteers testing out the new facilities this week. 

The new state-of-the-art terminal is set to open in November and the systems and processes being tested include check-in baggage, security screening, boarding gates, immigration and customs. 

In terms of immigration the areas being tested include the speed and accuracy of the process for passengers as well as fine-tuning documents and customs inspections. 

The new terminal is one of the largest in the world and is set to welcome more than 45 million passengers on an annual basis. It is hoped the new development will add to the growing popularity in Abu Dhabi tourism. 

Even though the airport is not officially open they did welcome their first passenger some weeks ago when Mission Impossible actor Tom Cruise touched down while filming the latest installment of their franchise. 


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Image source Abu Dhabi Airports

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